Law of Attraction – When Someone Else Controls What You Attract

One of the most powerful tools at your disposal when working with the universal law of attraction is a poster with your desires that you can hang on your wall.

The reason for this is simple - any subconscious reminder of your intent that you will see day after day will further enforce your intent to the universe. So exactly what is a manifestation poster and how do you make one?

The simplest way to go about this is to buy yourself a nice large piece of paper or cardboard. Start sourcing for pictures and photos that represent your desires.

You want pictures that represent what it is that you wish to attract. For instance, if you want a red convertible, find a picture of exactly what you want and cut it out. Make sure your pictures are as close to exact as you can get, as this will really affect the outcome.

Once you have collected all of the pictures you intend to use, paste them to the poster board. You may wish to write under each one your actual intention, so if you want a new car and you paste a picture of a new car that you want, write "My New Car" underneath the picture in a nice black marker.

Once your poster is complete, mount it in a place where you will see it often. Some good suggestions would be your bedroom, around the work desk and even on the cover of your laptop!

When you think about it, stop and examine your poster and think about your intents, while feeling excited about what you have coming to you. However, even if you forget and never look at the poster again, as you pass it each day, it will register subconsciously for that's the Law of attraction in the thought world

The subconscious mind is very powerful - manifestation begins at the subconscious level. And a poster is an excellent way of communicating to your subconscious mind.

Most of all, when you see your poster you should feel happy. You should feel excited about the things that you are manifesting. This is probably the most important part of your poster - if it stirs up excitement in you, it will help you to manifest your desires very quickly.

When combining this practice with a daily routine of creative visualization and affirmations, you may find that you are manifesting far more quickly than you even thought possible!

Enough reading for now - Apply The Attraction Law!

When you understand that thought is the building block to the law of attraction this can make you very selective as to whom you spend your time with. You have to be extremely selective as to whom you allow into your life. You can no longer associate with anybody and everybody. With that said there is a distinct difference in being prejudice and being consciously selective.
The people in your life can come with all sorts of mental and emotional poison that can influence your life. In order to get the law of attraction to work in your life you must have a very clear picture of what you want to attract. You must hold that image with a full awareness, feelings and trust that what you want is already yours. However those thoughts can be intercepted by those around you causing you to attract thoughts which you do not want.
Others can project thoughts into your reality that bring disharmony into your life. The very same way someone can pray into your life and bring blessings and healing others can bring bad energy and horrible luck. You may call it a curse, you may call it sending bad vibes, no matter what you call it, there is damage being done to you. You want to be selective about the person’s you have around you if you truly want to use the law of attraction with any level of success in your life.
1.) People who are very pessimistic about life. Those persons who can never seem anything good in others or themselves. Such people are always creating dark vibrations with their thoughts.
2.) People who are envious of your success. Envious people are most dangerous because such people will use their energy to feel hatred for your success instead of investing that energy to create good things in their life.
3.) People who spend a lot of time quarrelling. Angry and aggressive persons are always creating a strong energetic vibe colored by hate, frustration and disharmony. When someone invests a lot of time angrily verbalizing their dislikes, they are generating emotional and environmental poison which affects those around them.
You can stop others from negatively affecting your life and truly see results with the law of attraction by following the 3 keys.
1.) Tuning into the vibration of those around you and blocking out those negative vibes that are projected towards you. You can tap into the thoughts that others have towards you. Your body has a way of decoding those thought vibrations and you can learn to pay attention and even hear those thoughts.

Law of Attraction – Get in Alignment With Your Higher Self and Your Inner Guidance

The Secret to manifesting are not over complicated to apply in your life. However only a very few people will ever truly learn those secrets and see results. The difference between those who see success and those who don't is set in particular patterns. Those who succeed have a strong mental pattern that has been developed over time. It is a pattern that anyone can learn to develop in their life with a little time.

If you are fooled like most people into believing that simply your knowledge of the laws of attraction will be sufficient to making great changes then you are very wrong. In order to manifesting greater changes or to make greater improvements you must learn how the mind works. When you learn how the mind works you can then use it in such a way to manipulate not only your thoughts but the energy around you in order to get the support that you need.

By this point everyone knows that visualization is a powerful manifesting tool. However few people know how to visualize. Many people complain about seeing a blank screen. Others are afraid to close their eyes and imagine what they want. It may be hard to believe that there are so many people who are afraid of their own mind but many people are truly afraid of what they will see.

Sadly no matter what anyone tells you, if you cannot see the images inside of your mind's eyes you cannot bring it into your life with ease. Visualization is a necessary tool that everyone should learn to do, its one of the first steps. A few programs advise that a five minute program is adequate and this is completely misleading. This lengthen of time is not sufficient to manifesting your desires.

- Lack of mental focus when you try to visualize

- Inability to See clear mental images

- Inability to be in the Moment with your Visualization

Because these problems can greatly affect your success with manifesting what you want, it should be a priority for you to learn the secrets to visualization. Training your mind to become calmer and more focused will over time bring you incredible success in whatever you want to manifest in your life. The question is how much do you care about your future success?

I would like to start this article with the bold statement that all of life is worth living. All of life is good. In order to fully benefit from the Law of Attraction, you need to be able to get to the point where you can appreciate this fully. It is important to realize that this is primarily a spiritual experience we are having. From our limited perspective it is very easy to want to measure things, to compare things and say, “This part is not worth it. This part is not good. This part is not working.” From a higher perspective all of life is working – even if it doesn’t feel like it to us in the moment – because all of life is calling forth desire, all of life is causing us to evolve and consider a slightly different thought, a slightly different direction, a slightly different combination of things. What you decide to do or focus upon within that context will determine how you perceive your experience, but it does not diminish anything from larger perspective.
We need to find a way to align ourselves with that. We need to align ourselves with ourselves – our higher selves, our inner selves, our spirits. We need to align ourselves with the idea that all of it is working and all of it is worth living, all of it is awesome and worthwhile and expansive. If you can do this, then you can begin to embrace life and be grateful for it – even the parts that seem unpleasant or horrible from our limited perspective.
This life experience is so fleeting, so transient, so tiny in the cosmic whole. It is one tiny perspective in the cosmic moment of NOW. I know it feels so BIG and SLOW when you’re stuck in it – especially if it seems that things aren’t going the way you want them to. But it is one perspective in the infinite sea of cosmic possibility; one thought; one wave; one vibration. The true you is so much more than this limited experience you are focussed in right now.
Say this affirmation: “This is my awesome and powerful moment of NOW and I am grateful for it.” And know that no matter how it turns out, no matter what you decide to do with it, no matter how you decide to judge it and see if it measures up or not, your higher self is benefitted for the experience and everything that you are has expanded and progressed as a result of it.
If you would like to make this individual experience more enjoyable for yourself, you absolutely CAN do that and seeking alignment with your higher self is a critical step in the process. So critical, in fact, that I can’t imagine effectively being able to use the Law of Attraction without it. It has been an essential ingredient for me.
In my upcoming articles I will elaborate more on the methods I have used to align with my higher self and I will tell you more about the differences it has made in my own personal experience. For now, I wish you peace and joy. Please know that no matter who you are, no matter what you have done or manifested in your experience, YOU ARE a perfect expression of God.

Law of Attraction and How It Always Comes Back to You

The movie "The Secret" introduced the Law of Attraction to the masses. Unfortunately, many people still struggle to use this law to manifest money and wealth into their lives. Even in tough economic times money is still in abundance but as Abraham Hicks said:

So here are 7 easy steps as recommended by Dr Joe Vitale, one of the stars of "The Secret", to help you attract more money and wealth in your life using the Law of Attraction:

If you felt resistance when you read the first step then this is one indication of where you are blocked regarding receiving money into your life. You may be saying "I haven't got enough money for myself let alone give it away". But the fact is that if you desire more of something then you must be prepared to give it away.

If your circumstances are such that making an actual financial contribution is beyond your means at this time then consider making an alternative donation such as a donation of your time. As your finances improve aim to give away at least 10% of your income. And, when you give money away, give it away joyously. A donation given grudgingly will not enable you to attract more wealth in your life.

This simply means remove any inner resistance you may have towards receiving wealth. The trouble is that you may not be immediately aware of the many ways in which you may be resisting money. You need to take an in-depth look at how you feel and react towards all the instances where money is involved in your life.

For instance, how you feel towards wealthy people? How do you feel when you pay a bill? Do you feel resentment at having to spend the money or thankful for the product or service you received. Remember that money is expansive and so if you feel resentment when you pay a bill you take your being into a state of contraction where money is concerned - the opposite to the state you should be in if you want to attract wealth.

Opportunities to earn more money are all around you. You simply have to become more observant and when you notice an opportunity take action. Now admittedly, not all the opportunities that come your way will be directly linked to making money but the thing is you don't know how things will pan out. You have to go around the corner to see what lies beyond it.

And as Dave Lakhani likes to say:

You can gain immense satisfaction and psychic energy from supporting a cause. In addition, you'll be supporting individuals less fortunate than yourself. There are many "problems" in the world which can be eliminated with money and certainly with more money you can have a greater positive impact on the lives of others.

What's more, the good you'll be able to achieve will go beyond your mere physical presence. Experiencing this first-hand can help to remove your barriers to attracting more money into your life.

There's a limit to how much you can accomplish on your own. Even with just one accountability partner it's amazing how much more you can achieve. Personal Development Experts know this and this is why many of them allow you to have an accountability partner at no extra cost when you register for one of their programs.

Forming a Mastermind group can help you to boost your effectiveness even further as can participating in Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Individuals within these communities can be very supportive of each other.

Expressing your gratitude aligns you with the things you desire. The more frequently and readily you express your gratitude the more you'll attract what you want. So no matter how tough things may be for you, find something to be grateful about.

After all, you're creating your life and if things aren't quite the way you want them to be then maybe it's because there are lessons for you to learn from your current situation that can only be learned by you experiencing your current situation.

It is said that in our purest form we exist simply as love and so what could be better and more joyous than doing what you love. Also take a look at any happy and wealthy individual and you'll see that they are doing what they love. When you have the courage to follow your passion you will attract more wealth to you.

When applying the Law of Attraction, it always comes back to you and your perception. Everything and everyone you encounter in your life, you have intentionally or unintentionally attracted into your world.
You may be saying to yourself, “There is no way that I attracted that mean old man who yelled at me for passing him on the road.” Believe it or not, at some time you produced an emotion that attracted that experience to you. And it didn’t take just one thought and one feeling to cause the experience to attract to you. It came from a repetitious thought and feeling over time. Everything that comes into your world is always attracted from a thought and feeling that you are possessing or have possessed.
When you experience a day when everyone seems to mirror the same kind of mood, whether crabby or happy, frustrated or serene, take a look at yourself. People who are in your life whether for just a moment or everyday, are a reflection of what or who you are attracting. All that we are, in fact, is a direct result of what we have thought.
Is there any control over where our lives are lead through the Law of Attraction? Yes, there is. Begin to take responsibility for your life. Realize that you have created everything that is in your life, and that it is just as easy to create a life that you want.
By looking at what is around you, you are able to tell what direction you are headed through the people that come into your life, and by how you react to them. You can also tell which direction you are headed by the situations that seem to be attracting to you as well.
Let’s say you have been maintaining a clear image of a fulfilling relationship. During your visualization time you continually get interrupted by some negative feelings and thoughts of your old flame, and his or her bad habits, but you continue to visualize.
The next week you discover your e-dating service connects someone who is interested in meeting you. So you hook up the date and you go and meet him/her. Ten minutes into the date you realize that she/he is just like your old flame.
Now this is pretty obvious. By what you are attracting you are not heading in the right direction. Sure, you were visualizing clearly but with muddled feelings of an old relationship thrown into the stew pot. The Universe is letting you know that you are attracting what you are thinking and feeling and this is what you are attracting. The great thing about this scenario is that you receive a clear indicator that you want to build some better feelings and thoughts for your clear image.
Be aware of what the Universe is telling you and indicating to you and adjust your thoughts and feelings accordingly. Every incident, every person, every circumstance all comes back to you.
Take your clear image and create clearer, more wonderful feelings to go with that image. When you leave behind all the past events and people that have had a negative pull on your life, you will attract people free of that negative pull. But you must first start with yourself. Take inventory of what feelings and thoughts you want as much as the ones you don’t, and stick to a clear image. Then take notes from the Universe when it shows you that you have attracted something you don’t want.
Become clearer in your image and feelings of what you do want. You can’t go wrong if you listen and see the indicators that the Universe gives as it steers you to where you want to be. The Law of Attraction never fails.

About Abstinence Based Treatment for Drug Addiction

Manifestation means creating or drawing in circumstances, opportunities, or materials to your life. You must begin by making a conscious decision to allow positive things into your life.

You must make a conscious decision to completely exclude negativity from your life. You must decide what it is that you really want, and commit to that concept entirely. These are the things that you have control over and you must understand that power.

Many people wish for wealth or abundance in their lives. This is common goal of people when they decide to learn about manifestation. Those that fully embrace the power of manifestation and use it properly are the ones that find themselves wealthy and living truly abundant lives. Remember that manifestation is more than simply wishing for something. It is a way of life and it does take some work on your part if you want the results.

In order to have the power of manifestation work for you and bring about the big changes in your life that you are hoping for, you need to learn some techniques that underlie manifestation. You need to learn about the power within your mind. You need to learn to relax and let stress leave your life. Learning to meditate properly is one way to relax properly, center your mind, clear mental and emotional clutter and noise, and focus on clearing negativity and replacing it with positive thinking. Only then will you be ready to find the power of manifestation and all that it can do for you and your life.

This is more than just self help "mumbo jumbo." This is the real deal and can bring you abundance and happiness in your life. Whether you are aiming for increasing your wealth, your happiness, your relationships, manifestation can work for you if you are willing to commit to doing it properly. You cannot do a "little bit" of manifestation, it has to be complete or really not at all. You must have no doubt that you will be successful as you reach toward a more abundant life. You must believe in it and believe in yourself.

Decide what it is that you truly want. Learn to relax and begin to eliminate negativity and "noise" from your mind. Learn how to use the power of positive thinking and recognize opportunities for forward growth when they arrive. Focus your energies on using your subconscious mind power for getting closer to your goals. And, then you will truly begin to realize the power of manifestation, and you will become another believer in how "real" and powerful manifestation can be.

Addiction is more than a dependency upon alcohol, drugs, or painkillers. It is a disease that causes people to become self-destructive and hurtful toward others. If addiction goes untreated, the person will be unable to control unhealthy and self-defeating behaviors despite the physical and mental risks. Those who suffer from addiction – whether to alcohol, drugs, or other obsessive behaviors like gambling – stand to damage their health, relationships with family and friends, careers and finances if nothing to done to help.
Physicians who operate and consult with drug and addiction rehabilitation clinics recognize that patients often need different treatment programs in order to get overcome their destructive behaviors. To this end, physicians and counselors work with clinic residents toward a common goal: full, long-term remission from this disease.
Can addicts be completely cured? No. Addiction is a chronic illness that never wholly goes away. Addiction can be
to a point that allows the addict to live a normal life. Rehab clinics may offer state of the art treatment programs and specialized rehab counseling to effectively achieve long-term remission for addicts. When done properly, abstinence treatment can ensure a happy future, free of dependency and full of love and hope.
To achieve remission, abstinence-based treatment is introduced immediately to clinic residents. This begins with a safe withdrawal from all controlled substances. Our Rehabilitation programs may include counseling and education on avoiding relapse, so that recovering alcoholics and drug addicts may enjoy a life in recovery for many years. The goal of abstinence treatment is to ensure that ill behaviors fade, that the body no longer craves the substances that can damage health and happiness.
If you suspect a loved one is abusing alcohol or drugs, or engaging in other destructive behaviors, it is important to contact a professional to determine the next steps. The sooner an addict is introduced to abstinence, the better the changes for strong recovery.

Bedwetting Information – Help For Bed Wetting Problems

The law of attraction is a very powerful force. According to the law of attraction, energy will attract like energy to itself. A basic example would be that positive thoughts and feelings will attract more positive feelings, which in turn will make it much easier to attract even more positivity to yourself. The more you can experience positive thoughts about your feelings and desires, the more this positive energy will be attracted to you, even to the point that what you desire is much easier to attain due to the high levels of positive energy.

Your emotions help define your reality. When you have positive emotions for something, such as love, it becomes much easier to manifest it in your reality. The energy you give out determines what you get back in return; in other words, think positive thoughts, have positive feelings and your life will manifest more positive things!

When you feel good within yourself, you are in greater harmony with your positive desires. This means that when you are happy and feeling positive, you will manifest a positive environment where your desire can be achieved.

Through the use of subliminal messaging, the law of attraction can be made to function even more favourably for you. Subliminal messaging can put you in a positive frame of mind by feeding you on a subconscious level with positive, morale building statements to make it much easier to use your positive energy to manifest your desires. For more information on subliminal messaging and how it can help you achieve more positivity with the law of attraction visit Real Subliminal, the leaders in subliminal messaging.

Wetting the bed can be an embarrassing and traumatizing event, especially for older children and adults who are far past the normal bed wetting stages. Contrary to common sense, bed wetting is more often a psychological problem than a physical one in children, though this tends to be reversed in adults. Physical causes of bed wetting can be as simple as a bladder infection or as serious as prostate cancer (in men). It’s important to meet with a doctor to rule these out when dealing with finding a cause and solution to bed wetting.
The psychological aspect of wetting the bed comes from extreme stress and/or anxiety. Many times stress and anxiety can manifest in our subconscious and emerge in our dreams, which can aggravate the bed wetting problem even further.
In a child the threshold for stress and anxiety is much lower and the stress or anxiety can often come from even positive events, as the child doesn’t know how to process their feelings. If this is the case, it’s important to be supportive, not judgmental or use any form of punishment for the bed wetting, and ask them how they are feeling about the things going on in their life. Help them identify and name the emotions they are feeling and encourage them that all their feelings are normal and accepted by you.
For an adult, the physical aspects can be treated fairly easily and a solution may easily be found. If the problem is not physical, work with a therapist may be necessary to find the root of the bed wetting trigger and bed wetting products may need to be used in the meantime. Some of these products include bed wetting alarms and bed wetting pads and can be used at any age to help train the brain to wake up in time to go and to help protect clothing and bedding.
Wetting the bed is hard no matter the age or reason and should never be met with disgust or negativity. Support, love and acceptance can go along way in helping the bed wetter through their tough time and aid in finding a quicker solution.

Manifestations Of Graves Disease

All we want is to be happy in life. Happiness is not only what we feel when we have what we desire, it is also the very emotion that attracts what we desire to us. It is much easier to manifest our intentions if we stop focusing on intending but instead we focus on just being happy with what is. Focus less on asking the universe for this or that and more on just being grateful for whatever comes. We will feel such sweet and true joy when we enjoy the present fully than by trying to create for the future.

Many a times, we sabotage the manifestation of our intentions unknowingly by focusing too much on intending. The truth is that focusing on our intentions too much only reinforces the fact that they do not exist, therefore we are trying to manifest them. The idea that you must focus on your intentions all the time is a fallacy. To manifest our desires, you have to be in vibrational harmony with the realization of our desires, which means you must think, feel and act as if your desires have already manifested.

If you already had all your desires manifested, you wouldn't be trying to manifest anything, but you would be enjoying and being grateful for all that you have. You would feel totally happy and joyful about the way your life is. You would totally love your life. That is exactly the state for you to be in right now if you want to be in vibrational harmony with all your dreams and desires. This is the secret key all along. It is about not trying to manifest at all but to allow yourself to be as happy as you can be.

We have this idea of learning all that we can about how to manifest our desires and wondering why we still fail to manifest as much as we want or as quickly as we want it. We don't realize that we are doing it all wrong. When we try to create something, we are saying that something is lacking. We are trying to change the way things are because things are not acceptable the way they are. What happens is that we are actually creating more of the same situations of not having what we are trying to create.

The paradox of this is that we only start creating the things we do want to create when we stop trying to create them. This is why giving up and surrendering our desires to the universe or letting go and letting go is the step for miracles to finally happen. We stop trying to do anything and we affirm that all is well and everything is fine the way it is. When we give up trying to change things and just accept the way it is, almost instantly or within a very short time we see our desire show up into our lives like magic.

So instead of trying to change things and trying to create what you want, allow yourself to unconditionally love and totally accept yourself and the way things are. See that the universe is perfect and that there is nothing wrong with it. When you do this, you are coming from a place of sufficiency and wholeness instead of a place of lack and wanting. In manifesting, we begin with experiencing the end result. The beginning and the end are the same when you feel you have what you desire and actually have it.

We tend to miss the joy and happiness of what we have when we are caught up in the problems of life and thinking about what is not there yet or what could be better. We don't have to realize what we have only when it is taken from us. Cherish every good thing that is present in our lives now to the fullest. You would be really happy if you knew what you desire is already here or is certainly on its way. Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.

Rather than intending for something because it isn't there, you trust and be grateful that all your desires are already granted. Rather than trying to create anything, you are simply doing what brings you joy. You are simply doing what you enjoy and not because you want to produce something. Although you do want to produce something, your main focus and the basis of doing it is because it is what you enjoy, and the production of it is a secondary priority. This is how you are happily creating.

When you ask and believe that you have received what you asked for, you would not be striving and struggling to have it. When you know you are already assured of having what you ask for and that it is irreversibly and totally reserved and secured for you, you would be happy, at peace and confidently expecting it rather than worrying and wondering if it is really there or if it will be taken away. You experience more freedom in life and in creating when you allow yourself to be carefree.

Remember that if you already had all your desires manifested, you wouldn't be trying to manifest anything, but you would be enjoying and being grateful for all that you have. This is exactly the state for you to be in right now if you want to be in vibrational harmony with all your dreams and desires. Rather than trying to intend and manifest, focus more on being grateful for whatever comes your way. Focus on enjoying the present fully. In the end, it is all about two words. Be happy.

The manifestations of Graves Disease commonly are cognitive dysfunctions and seizures. For elderly patients who are suffering hyperthyroidism, confusion and dementia was found in 18 percent and about one third of the patients. For younger patients or those who were newly-diagnosed of the disease, they have been found to have lower cognitive scores.
On initial inspections, the general manifestations of Graves Disease on children and adolescents that are usually diagnosed are tall and thin. They have a fidgety behavior and a fixed staring gaze. To control their fidgeting, they tend to sit on their hands or clasp them. Another manifestation is the widening of pulse pressure and rapid heart rate.
Dermal manifestations include the fine and moist skin texture of the patients. There may be excoriations caused by pruritus and for some darker-skinned individuals, skin darkening can be observed.
Other manifestations of Graves Disease include goiter and psychiatric manifestations like anxiety disorders. There are also a number of central as well as peripheral nervous system manifestations that occur in Graves Disease patients. A lot of cases where neurological manifestations occur with the systemic features of the illness however, they may be the symptom in some of the patients.
Graves Disease is one that is potentially threatening if it is left untreated. Of all the manifestations of Graves Disease [], the most severe is the thyroid storm. That is why newer treatments are continuously being discovered in order to prevent the fatal effects of this disease. One modern discovery that a lot of physicians are already recommending their patients is getting the right kind of diet. One that includes the necessary food structures instead of those contributing to the destruction of the body such as junk foods and the like. This method of treatment is properly discussed and explained in reading materials that are already available via Internet or known distributors. It is a safe and effective way to combat the disease and above all, it helps you regain good health.

Law of Attraction – Create a Vision Board To Bring More Money Into Your Life

What is the Law of Attraction secret that everyone is talking about? According to Abraham (a collection of spiritual beings channeled through author, Esther Hicks) the Law of Attraction is defined as "that which is like unto itself is drawn". In other words, like attracts like, or you attract everything that you're in harmonious vibration with.

You are the cause of all that occurs in your life. According to the Law of Attraction, you attracted into your life all things, circumstances and events. So whatever happens, you had at least some role in it. Now that's a bitter pill to swallow for most of us initially until we understand that we truly are the co-creators of our lives. This means without exception, we brought it upon ourselves through our thoughts, feelings and actions. Nothing merely shows up, without cause. You attract it all like a magnet. That's the Law of Attraction secret. No one else has the power to attract what comes to you. Whatever you think and feel repeatedly will manifest in your life by the universal Law of Attraction.

Whatever you think about you bring about. Your thoughts and feelings attract back to you people, circumstances, events and "things" that correspond with those thoughts and feelings. If you feel like you're living in poverty, you cannot attract riches. If you feel lonely, you cannot attract an abundance of friends. If you feel overweight, you cannot a slimmer figure.

If you don't like your results, change your thoughts. That's where it all begins. That's the great Law of Attraction secret. If you don't like what you have, change what's creating it. Change your thoughts and feelings and everything about you changes. You project a higher vibration, which by law will return to you all things that are in alignment with that vibration. Create the life that you want and allow others to do the same.

Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. Since you attract the essence of what you're thinking about and feeling, it's essential that you monitor your thoughts and how you feel at any moment in time. Are you thinking about what you want... or what you don't want? Are you feeling good or bad? It all starts there. Whatever you're focused on, the Law of Attraction secret is responding accordingly.

Focus intensifies the strength of a thought. The more you think about what you want -- the more power you give to your goal and the faster it tends to materialize.

You are the Power. Raymond Douglas Stanford said "You are the only problem you will ever have and baby, you are the only solution." The Law of Attraction states that you determine your experience in life. Take responsibility for it. Set your intentions and stick with them. Begin to look for evidence of their arrival and you will find them. That's the Law of Attraction secret.

“O.K. I have asked Universe again and again for something I want. I have thought about it and envisioned it and it is no closer to showing up than the first day I asked.”
Does this sound familiar to you? This is one of the most frequent complaints I hear from people who have learned, read and studied about the Law of Attraction but are having problems making it work for them personally.
It is usually pretty easy when I delve a little deeper into their situation to figure out what the problem is.
For instance, say you declare that you want to create a lot of money. You can see it in your minds eye, you may even be able to “feel” how it feels to have it (very important, by the way), and you do this for about an average of 10-20 seconds a day.
And you have done it exactly right. That is all that is required for the Universe to kick into action and start working its magic to bring it to you. However, a week later you find that you are no better off than you were before – sometimes you find your situation may even be worse.
So what is the problem? The problem is not in how or what you asked for. The Universe is totally neutral. It does not care what it delivers or to whom it brings it.
The problem lies in what you think about
you have asked for the money. While those 10 to 20 seconds are very important every day, what are you thinking about the other 14 to 16 hours you are awake?
What are you thinking if a creditor calls, when you open your mail and see the bills, when your kids want something extravagant? Do you feel a knot in your stomach. Do you say things like, “there is no way I can pay this, or that bill is outrageous, or we absolutely cannot afford that?”
You see, in having these thoughts the rest of the day Universe will again kick in to do its job. But now it will reverse its original direction of that mornings objective and now focus on the messages it is currently being given.
So what is the answer? Quite simply, is to keep your focus more often on what you
want during the day as opposed to what you do
want. You see, whichever thought gets more of the attention – wins! It is the law!
So then you may ask, “Well how am I supposed to do that? Most of my day is dealing with trying to figure out how I am going to pay for everything. Its great to dream and envision but I also have to deal with my current reality which is currently not very abundant”.
This is where a Vision Board or Creation Board comes in. A Vision Board is a board or place where you put all of the things you are wanting Universe to provide to you. You simply go through magazines or the internet and find pictures of exactly what it is you are wanting. Clip them out and put them on your board.
If you can’t find a picture of what you are wanting, you can type up a saying, a reminder or an affirmation. Make it fancy, print it out and put it on your board. The important part is to have it someplace where you can remind yourself constantly that your current financial state is only temporary and the things and places on that
is where you are headed.
So now your next question might be “But what if I work someplace where I can’t display a board to look at all day long? or “What if I don’t want the rest of the world knowing what it is that I am creating — It is very personal to me.”
To that I say – be creative! Write it down in one of those little notepads you can easily store in your pocketbook and look at it frequently. If you are a man, insert little cards into your wallet that you will see every time you open it.
Actually, one of my personal favorites is putting the board on your computer. Especially if you work in an office or do not want a large board hanging in your home for all to see.
There are great programs available that will help you create your Vision Board right on your own computer or laptop that you can glance at anytime you want.
You can add pictures to them, even music. You can create slide shows.
In truth I have found these to be the most effective. I have found that the boards I have made on the computer with these programs, where I have also inserted my favorite inspiring song or have used my own voice, stay with me all day even when I am not directly in front of the computer looking at it.
I find myself humming the song and the video replaying in my mind automatically and I find myself giving much more attention to what I do want as opposed to what I do not want quite naturally. Which of coarse in turn, brings to me what I want so much faster.
Some of these new programs even have the ability to download a mini version onto your iPod, cell phone, PDA and digital photo frames. How cool is that?! The one I most often use has a pop up balloon that displays my affirmations at a chosen time interval so it pops up and reminds me even if I am not consciously thinking about it.
So get started today! Get excited and go find the pictures of the things that you are wanting in your life! Cut and paste to make your own physical board or go make that video. Feel inspired as you know you are taking the first action towards changing your life. You will find yourself getting so caught up in it that you will not want to stop.
Watch the video or look at your board as often as possible and feel good and inspired by it! Remember the more time you spend focusing on what you do want, the faster it will come to you!
Happy Creating!

3 Keys to Manifesting Abundance Now

We all have wishes, dreams, and visions that we think about. We often set goals or activities around these wishes dreams and visions, but for whatever reason, we often fail at ever experiencing them. Often we get close, or experience a minuscule component, without experiencing the full dream and the joy that accompanies the achievement of a goal. So what stops us?

Fear of the unknown if we were to actually accomplish the goal. For some, it is the belief we are not worthy to have this dream, and for others, it is the addiction to the chase of the dream. We are in love with the dream, vision or the goal and always hoping for 'someday'. What happens when someday never comes. We leave this life without experiencing our dreams. We find ourselves looking back in regret, disgust or a wish for a do-over.

I personally don't want to get to that point in my life where I haven't obtained my dreams. I don't want any regrets. As much as I'd like to believe in do-overs and second chances, I'm not willing to gamble this lifetime on a what-if scenario.

Let's break these down. Fear of the unknown. We all like to feel safe. We like to know what's going to happen and most of us don't like surprises. But guess what. We are on this earth, in this lifetime, with these experiences because we signed up for a lifetime of challenge, excitement, surprise and the ABILITY to create what we want. That would include accomplishing your dreams, goals, visions. Dream big then live them. If you are not yet living your dream, what fear do you have about that dream coming true?

If you believe there is no fear, then do you feel worthy of having that experience, or obtaining that goal? Do you stop with beliefs that turn to words, then those words turn to actions, and those actions create failure, disappointment, or validation that you won't achieve your dream? Do you hear yourself say, see I knew I would/could never do or have this. How stupid of me to even think this would be my reality. Congratulations, you've just created your own roadblock. You've put into your reality your beliefs, words, actions and validation you'd never accomplish your goal. You have to BELIEVE, you are worthy and will achieve your dream. and not just use words. You have to embody your belief and LIVE IT.

If there is no fear and there is genuine belief in accomplishment, yet you still are not manifesting your dream, are you in love with the chase, the vision? You enjoy talking about it, dreaming about it and you LIKE the feeling of wanting something, but having it just beyond your finger tips. You continue to give it one more try, another month, invest a little bit more, always hoping that it will magically happen. You are putting your energy in the WANTING rather than living it. Might it be more fun to be in fantasy than if you REALLY accomplished your goal? What would you do next? Maybe it's not REALLY a vision, goal or dream after all, but a fantasy used to fully support your addiction to the chase.

So manifest your dream, vision or goal. See it, feel it, breathe it, live it. You have that power. Spend time each day seeing, feeling and breathing your dream. In that exercise see yourself taking steps forward. Feel the joy of accomplishing and living in the dream every day. If you feel fear arise, stop and take a moment to pinpoint the emotion that is tied to this fear. Experience it, and let it flow through you. Feel the energy pass through your body, then let that emotion go. Release that emotion to mother earth as you are done with it.

Continue to spend time each day until you gain clarity on your dream and you are on the path of manifesting. Keep your energy open, saying yes to all that is offered or shared with you. Pay attention to places you may be saying no, and assess if this is another roadblock you are creating for yourself. I realize when I don't obtain a goal I'm over thinking or I'm blocking it myself. The stories or the tapes we have running in our heads stop us from reaching the desires or goals we set. Many of those stories have been there for years, and others are newly created. It's time now to stop those stories and create a new reality for ourselves. You begin your new reality by creating it.

If you are poor and unable to manifest more money or greater freedom you can start with these three meditations to increase your manifesting. Every bit of knowledge which expands your present state of awareness should be studied and contemplated.
It’s rather comical that those people who have embraced the law of attraction easily renounce the small things in life. Placing one thing over another isn’t always the best way to go. For example how many times have you walked over a dime thinking that it’s just not the million dollars that you have been deeply hoping to manifest?
People do it all the time. They have hopes to attract more money but when an opportunity comes up in which they can make two hundred dollars a month they toss it aside as not their pie in the sky dream they were hoping to manifest.
Yes you have heard that the law of attraction will bring you whatever you want, whenever you want. Have you really been getting whatever you want whenever you want? The secret is, you can only attract to you what you first become. You can attract a million dollars quickly if you are diligent in staying the course by taking the small steps towards those million dollars. The man who manifested a million dollars sales kept steadily in alignment with his practice and followed even the small hunches. He discovered that the seemly small hunches led to big rewards.
The law of attraction does not always work in one big bang. Lets say that you have only been able to manifest one thousand dollars today, just by having that thousand dollars it will draw unto itself another thousand. You see you get more of what you already have. It becomes easier to get greater as you climb the ladder.
You can start to embrace money on all levels. You may not be aware of your inner turmoil towards money. The struggle to get more of it, the struggle of not having enough, the dishonoring of one penny, all this is conflict that actually respells money.
Have you ever thought of the fact that it takes one hundred pennies to make up one dollar and it takes one million dollar bills to make up one million dollars? You see it’s to your advantage to honor each and every small thing as those small things yield large quantities. It’s a simple concept but one which needs reminding. Besides if you feel happy to have one dollar that happy feeling only activates the law of attraction to bring you more dollars.

Utilizing the Law of Attraction

Communication is the process of interaction between social factors, social groups, communities or individuals, in which is a performance of the exchange of information, experience and abilities. Specifics of communication are due to the fact that it occurs based on a certain kind of activity related to any product or business impact. Like any form of communication, communication in the corporate environment is historical in nature; it manifests itself at different levels of social systems and in various forms. Its distinctive feature is that it does not have a self-owned destination, is not self-targeted, but a means to achieve any other goals. In market relations communication goal is primarily to gain maximum profit.

Communication ethics in business should be considered in its various manifestations: in the relationship between the enterprise and the social environment, between enterprises or within a single enterprise. There are different specifics between the parties of each form of communication. The challenge is to formulate such principles of business communication, which not only fits each type communication, but also do not go against the general moral principles of human behavior. Moreover, these principles should be a reliable tool to coordinate the activities of people involved in the communication process.

Regarding business communication, the basic ethical principles can be formulated as follows: When deciding what values should be preferred in a particular situation, act so to the maximum of your power is compatible with the moral values of others involved in communication, and allows coordination of interests of all parties.

Thus, coordination should be a basis for the ethics of business communication as well as harmonization of interests, of course, if it is carried out by ethical means, and in the name of morally justified goals. Therefore, business communication should always be checked by ethical reflection as the reasons justifying the entry into it. At the same time it is not always easy to make the correct ethical choices and to take an individual decision. Market relations provides freedom of choice, but at the same time increases the number of options, gives rise to complex moral dilemmas that business people encounter at every step in the process of their activities and communication.

Recently while browsing one of the popular self-development forums, I saw several threads that have to do with the Law of Attraction. Lots of comments have been made and many questions have been asked regarding this most important and powerful Law.
Since the release of ‘The Secret’, which is the Law of Attraction, this topic has seemingly been the primary one of discussion throughout our Universe! Surely by now everyone knows a bit about the Universal Law of Attraction.
With those ‘thoughts’ in mind, let’s discuss how to best utilize this incredibly powerful Law. First, let’s do a short review as to what the Law of Attraction is and what it does.
The Law of Attraction states. . . ‘That which is like itself is drawn’. In other words, like attracts like. Your thoughts, your words, your feelings, your actions all put forth a specific energy vibration and thus attract to you that of like energy. . . whether it be positive or negative.
And, because the Law of Attraction is responding to the thoughts and feelings you hold at all times, it is accurate to say that you are creating your own reality.
Fortunately, here in our physical time-space reality things do not manifest into our experience instantaneously. There is a buffer of time between when we begin to think about something and when it actually manifests. This buffer of time gives us the opportunity to redirect our attention more and more in the direction of that which we truly do want to manifest into our life experience.
You are always utilizing the Law of Attraction whether you know that you are or not. Because it is inherent in everything that you do, you cannot stop using it. With this being so, it would be beneficial to deliberately utilize the Law of Attraction for the achievement of that which you desire.
Since the Law of Attraction is always responding to your thoughts, a deliberate focusing of your thoughts is very important. As you choose a thought, the Law of Attraction will act upon that thought and will attract more thoughts like it. . . thus, making that original thought even more powerful.
When you see something you would like to experience and you say, “Yes, I would like to have that,” through your attention to it you invite it into your life experience. Likewise, when you see something that you do not want to experience and you say, “No, I do not want that,” you still invite it into your life.
Where thoughts go, energy flows!
In our attraction-based Universe, whatever you place your attention on is included in your vibration. Whatever you give your attention to long enough will come into your experience through the Law of Attraction. You cannot pull that which is good into your life by dwelling on that which is bad. . . like attracts like!
So, by staying focused on a subject of your choosing, rather than allowing your mind to move from subject to subject, your power of attraction regarding that subject increases. The energy of your thoughts consolidate and intensify, rather than being scattered and weak.
The Law of Attraction says that whatever you give your attention must expand. In knowing this, you must become very particular regarding those things that you give your attention. . . and your thoughts regarding them. Once momentum has taken place it is more difficult to change the direction of your thoughts and that which you are attracting.
Make deliberate choices regarding the thoughts you have, the feelings you have, the things you do, and even the people you spend time with. As you do this you will begin to feel the benefit of the Law of Attraction.
To sum it up. . . Giving thought and attention to something is the same as inviting it into your life. Therefore, you can best utilize the Law of Attraction by deliberately choosing, and focusing with intent, on that which is positive and of benefit in your life now. . . and that which you want to attract into your life.
As you deliberately do so, and as you take action in the direction of your thoughts and feelings, the Universe, in working with the Law of Attraction, will conspire to bring to you the opportunities, the people, and the events needed to attract to you that which you desire.
You are a magnificent magnet attracting to you the essence of that which you are thinking and feeling.
One final note. . . remember to always be grateful. It is through gratitude for the good in your life, and through focusing on that good rather than what you perceive as bad, that your energy vibration expands. You then open up to attract and receive even more good!

Life is a Series of Choices (Fortune Cookies)

In order to get the law of attraction to work easily for you there are a few things you must understand. The first think you must get is that your mind is the instrument which influences how the law of attraction works. If you mind has a limited way of how things work then you will continue to keep getting what you have always gotten.

The small percentage of people who do succeed with the law of attraction understand one thing and that is you must change your mind at a very deep level in order to get it to work. They understand that they must understand how the law of attraction works. And, in order for them to do so they know that they must study these teachings until they have gone very deeply into their mind.

Have you Ever...

-Have you ever read a very good book felt inspired but after a few short days you forgot everything you read and returned to your old way of being?

-Have you ever head a good lecture and immediately promised to apply all that you had learned only to feel deflated when the motivator was gone?

- Do you ever wish to be inspired every single day by a deeper understanding whenever you want?

One key to getting this sort of lasting teachings and motivation is to listen to the audio version of the law of attraction teachings. When you listen to those teachings something very special happens. The audio goes to the deeper level of your mind. Because you are in a receptive mode while listening the information is able to go into the core of your mind which helps you to integrate the law of attraction teachings to where you won't forget them.

The secret to this is to listen to such teachings as often as you can within a concentrated period of time until your mind gets it with intensity. After a few short day you will find that your mind no longer resist those teachings and the results you get will be a lot faster.

Fortune cookies are true…so I now believe. Two days before my Friday December 2008 wedding, my wife ate at a Chinese restaurant, where she received a fortune cookie that read: “A lifetime of happiness lies ahead of you.” The next day, on Thursday, she went out for Chinese again and her fortune cookie read: “The coming Friday will be an exciting time for you.” Was this a coincidence or was a specific message brought by the Universe to my lovely bride-to-be?
The fortune cookie story doesn’t end here. Last night I shared my career ambitions, goals, and dreams for my life with my wife. I explained why I believe I have been blessed with a wife and son who I adore, a wonderful family, great friends, and a successful career. I explained to Korrel that I have achieved such riches because of my growing capacity to love, commitment to personal growth, dedication to my career, belief in my dreams, and most importantly, my ability to make the right choices at the right time. An hour after that discussion, at a Chinese restaurant, my fortune cookie read, “Life is a series of choices, today yours are good ones.” I knew then, I had to write something.
I believe a successful life comes from the right choices at the right time, as well as the willingness to pursue the goals inherent in these choices. Robert Frost nailed the “choices” challenge in his poem The Road Less Traveled. In this poem, he saw the value of ending up at a “crossroads” in life.
“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could”
At this crossroad, we face two distinctly different paths, which have two equally distinct different outcomes. Perhaps, at this crossroad, we are brought to the biggest choice of our life: in which direction do we proceed? Do we take the path that is more familiar to us, the one that we can navigate in the dark-with our eyes closed; or do we take the path that is unknown, frightening, and strewn with obstacles and unpredictable outcomes.
The familiar path offers predictability and safety, but only a limited version of “success.” However, the “road less traveled” is risky in nature, but has the possibility of ultimately changing your life. When you travel down the road less traveled, there is no turning back; life is forever changed and you can never return to the old life of safety and predictability. This risky path is where choices manifest into dreams, and dreams manifest into reality.
“Two roads diverged in a wood,
and I took the one less traveled by.
And that has made all the difference.”
Paul Coelho, the author of “The Alchemist,” believes that we all have the ability to achieve our “personal legend,” which is the best possible version of ourselves: the person of our dreams. Mr. Coelho believes by pursuing your personal legend you have then chosen “the path God has chosen for you here on Earth.” It is a path toward the life you believe in, goals that you have chosen, and dreams that you know belong to you. Through difficult choices, a commitment to moral and ethical principals, the courage to see mistakes or bad outcomes as gifts, and the humility to not lose yourself in moments of success, one can achieve their “personal legend.”
Similar to taking the “road less traveled,” achieving one’s personal legend may come at a cost. Life consists of a series of “mini crossroads,” where good choices, despite one’s best intentions, can result in failure and disappointment. For those of us who are pursuing our personal legend, we know that life’s loftiest and most heartfelt goals can sometimes end in failure and disappointment; but still we persevere. By dedicating ourselves to the pursuit of our very best version of ourselves, we are able to transform our moments of disappointment, disillusionment, or embarrassment, into achieved goals and dreams.
The words of Robert Frost and Paul Coelho have inspired me to understand that because life is truly a series of choices, we can achieve our dreams. We all come into this imperfect world, in imperfect families, and as imperfect versions of ourselves. All of us have our stories of dysfunctional families, economic hardships, medical limitations, self esteem challenges, etc. God intended us to all be able, through conscious choices, to grow and develop into something special. Without committing to a path less traveled or path toward our personal legend, we live our life, at best, in mediocrity: never quite knowing how far we could have progressed, who we could have become, and what effect on the world we could have made.
It is through a series of choices and the perseverance to pursue the goals inherent in these choices that we achieve our God given potential. Choices bring us to dreams.