How to Manifest Wealth in Partnership With the Universe

One of the first steps towards manifesting wealth and achieving success is to set goals. However, it is easy to become discouraged if we set goals that are too large. Trying to take on too much sets us up for failure.

One of the most effective techniques in abundance manifestation is to call on the universe. What you want to do is have a partnership with universal power that helps move you towards your manifestation goals. By asking the universe for help and believing that it will help, you will be rewarded by working in tandem with a powerful partner.

The universe will help steer you in the right direction. It will help you find what comes easily and naturally and move you toward your goals with a minimum amount of effort.

Inside their famous work, “Ask and  It is Given” Esther Hicks illustrates a simple process using a restaurant placemat. Due to her success, she was spending a lot of time traveling and felt overwhelmed with her responsibilities and obligations.

Esther came up with a straightforward way to divide up her duties by asking the universal power for assistance. While in the restaurant she took her paper place mat and turned it upside down. On the blank side she drew a line down the center. At the top of one column she wrote the words “the universe” at the top of the other column she wrote the word “me.”

On a side marked the universe she wrote down everything she wanted the universe to help with and on the other side she wrote down everything that she would be able to take care of. This technique worked wonders for her. The universe took care of the side with its responsibilities allowing her to focus on those responsibilities she had to do. It turned out to be a remarkable partnership.

Why not use the same technique to achieve and manifest wealth for yourself? Pull out a plain sheet of paper and write a line down the center. On the side marked the universe list all of those things that seem too overwhelming or that you need help with. Once you are done with it, file it away with the trust and confidence that the universe will step in partnership with you.

I think that doing this in your own handwriting is more effective than writing it on a computer or just thinking it.

The goal here is to take some of the pressure off yourself so that you do not feel overwhelmed in order to allow yourself to keep moving towards success and prosperity in your life. By asking the universe for help part of the pressure is removed.

By making this a regular practice you will find that it becomes easier and easier. It becomes easier to accomplish your goals and you start moving towards the abundant life and wealth you truly desire.

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