Law of Attraction – The Secret Law of Attraction

The secret in making the law of attraction work lies in first understanding how the law of attraction works.

The law of attraction is basically your body giving off energy which attracts like energy in the universe. Everything in the universe is made of energy therefore by thinking of your desires, the Universe will make it happen in your reality.

So how does your body give off energy? Scientists with advanced equipment have monitored human beings giving off energy (or vibrations). These vibrations are coming out of our body by our minds.

If we think about happy things, our mind make our whole body give off a certain type of energy and this certain type of energy, attracts like energy from the Universe. If we switch our minds to think about negative things, we give off a certain type of negative energy (or vibrations) which attracts like energy from the Universe.

This concludes that the law of attraction is based not only on what we think about, but how we feel about things. The way we feel will give out the type of vibrations from our body.

For example, if you think that you are happy, but deep inside you are worried sick about something, then the vibrations you are giving are negative ones. It all depends on how you think and feel.

This means that if you think about something and you totally believe in it, then your feelings will give off the vibrations. This is why the law of attraction doesn’t work for a lot of people.

They may think about good relationships with their kids, or job promotions or increase in wealth. But if deep down inside they really don’t believe they can achieve these things in their lives, they will give off negative vibrations. The Universe will then likewise, attract negative things to you.

When applying the law of attraction make sure you actually believe in what you’re desiring. Pretend and live out your fantasy. Feel as though you already own the new luxurious item that you desired about. Your feelings will attract the desires into your life.

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