Addictions – An Incurable Disease Or Simply a Manifestation of Pain?

In our society, those who have suffered with an addiction are often seen as weak, out of control or unwilling to change their life. They are seen as the “lower” class of citizen, and often shunned from family and friends. Having worked with thousands of addicted people, both at a maximum security prison, in a live-in drug rehabilitation centre, and in the three years at my own Centre, where I run an outpatient drug rehab program, I have seen the distructions that addiction brings to the addicted person and their family and friends. The family or friends try and save the person from total destruction through many different avenues. However they get to the point where nothing works and they have enough of being lied to, stolen from, physically, verbally and emotionally abused. At that point, the addicted person finally sees everyone in their life walk away.

If you have been there with someone you love or have been/are there yourself, that is when a person normally falls into the abyss. In essence they self-destruct.

As a person who has never struggled with drug or alcohol addictions, you may ask why would someone want to destroy themselves with drugs? Why would they use something that really does not work? Now, my article questions if addiction is a disease or a manifestation of pain. I’m not here to argue what science may have found regarding genes for addictive behaviour, because no matter what proof their may appear, I see first hand that those with addictive behaviours are really just trying to cope with the problems they have. You see, “addiction is nothing more than a physical manifestation of internal turmoil”. Over the many years I have worked with those that are afflicted by addictions, in every case people with addiction issues had some major issues in their life that caused them to stop wanting to feel. They could not cope with the emotions that the situation (whether past of present) was making them feel and so looked for a way out. If a person has stopped feeling, it will cause them to emotionally shut down over a period of years. So over time, when they are feeling down and out, they found something that made them feel better; their substance or maybe even a behaviour.

So if a person wants to stop having the addiction control their life they have to learn to become emotionally intelligent, meaning that they have to learn how to feel and be OK with feeling, even if they hurt like hell. Being comfortable with feeling negative and not resort to using drugs, alcohol or other addictive behaviours is totally achievable and I have seen people from all walks of life take control over their life and behaviours. Believing that it is genetics or some other organic reason for an addiction, makes it sound like it is incurable, that we are stuck with it for life. However, I don’t believe it because I have seen the evidence that people can change and achieve their dreams.

If this is currently you don’t let another day go by, do something about it. Have a look at our program, it has helped hundreds of people already stop their addiction from running their life.

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