Law of Attraction – Abundance is a State of Mind, and to Live Abundantly, Just Change Your Mind

The Law of Attraction states that what you think about will show itself in your life. If you think that people are friendly and happy, you will come across friendly, happy people in your day-to-day activities. If, however, you think that people are rude and uncooperative, those are the kinds of people you will attract into your life.

How are you thinking about money and abundance? Is money difficult to come by? Do you have to work hard for it? Do you feel as if there is never enough? Is money something that “they” keep for themselves, depriving you of it?

If those are the kinds of thoughts you are having about money, it’s safe to say that those are the types of experiences manifesting in your life. Thoughts which are focused negatively can only attract negative experiences into your life.

What if you cut yourself a break and thought of money in a different way? In fact, let’s take the word “money” out and substitute “abundance” instead. It can be much easier to look at all of the abundance in your life, because things other than just money are included in that concept.

Abundance is a fullness of something, a supply that is more than plentiful, a blessing of some sort. Look around you — where do you see abundance? Do you have an abundance of friends? Is there abundant rain or snow or sunshine outside? When you turn on the faucet, is there an abundance of water ready to serve you? When you step into the produce department at your local grocery store, is there an abundance of fruit and vegetables?

Fullness and plenty are

If you set your mind to it, you can see Abundance everywhere you go.

It IS possible to shift your thinking to begin attracting more abundance into your life. To help you with this, please check out at “

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Abundance really is just a state of mind, and you can choose to

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