Letting Go to Manifest the Life We Want

As part of creating the life we want to live, we have to understand well the concept of letting go. Letting go is what happens after you’ve aligned and purified your thoughts. It happens after you’ve taken conscious action, and done all that you could do. For each situation in life, the part that you can do will vary, but common sense can be used here to know when you’ve reached that point where you can do no more. At that point, when it is quite literally ‘out of your hands’, let go. It seems obvious when we say it like that, but it is so challenging for all of us! We easily allow ourselves to stay attached and ride the emotional roller coaster that comes with each bit of good and bad news. Good news, up, bad news down. It’s going our way, yay! Now it’s not…depression. This is not how creation works best.

When we are working on life’s goals consciously and deliberately, we do not want to lose it all at the end with an emotional circus. Even if we get the outcome we wanted, at that point, we’ve lost, because this continuous emotional state is not a high quality of life.

We must let go. After passing that ‘point of no return’ in a situation, we must begin to act like we don’t want our desire. Put on your confident game face. That needy energy will not help things. It works in negotiation, it works in obtaining your life’s goals. If you don’t, you will quite literally become the victim of your own desires. This lack of attachment to outcome is part of a good meditation practice, and can be strengthened in you through regular meditation. The best thing you can do, once you’ve done all you can do, is get back to the business of being happy. Even forget what it was you wanted to happen. Be secure in the moment. Because your life is a co-creation, and if you don’t let the universe get a word in edge-wise, it won’t.

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