Patience and Manifesting

There is a lot of talk about this new skill called manifesting. Just yesterday I went to the bookstore and there had to have been twenty books about the subject. Where did all these new gurus come from? Why weren’t they publishing these books years ago? So I browsed through a few and found them all giving general advice about living a goal oriented life. They just changed the title of their book so that the magic word manifesting was in it just to make a few sales.

Many of you know that manifesting is a skill that you can use to attract things into your life. You desire it, take a few steps, and your thought becomes a reality. Simple, huh? Well there is a big piece missing from those instructions and it has to do with timing.

There is a built in time delay on our requests to the universe, and a cancel order option too. You see the universe knows that sometimes people make wrong choices, so it had to include the time delay and the cancel ability when it created the law of attraction.

The time delay is in place so that random thoughts do not become a reality. Could you imagine the chaos you would have if every thought instantly turned into reality? For example if you thought “damn flees” because you found one on your dog, then suddenly you have a swarm of them because you instantly manifested them? Oh, the choices could be worse. For example if you got angry and wished harm on someone and it instantly happened. Say your child spills the milk for the nth time, so you get mad and say something mean; suddenly your child falls to the floor and dies. Upon medical examination it is found there is no brain in the skull. Yes instant gratification could cause a few problems.

How about canceling requests? That one is easy, just request something different. You can only have a few requests working simultaneously so by diverting energy from what you do not desire into what you do will effectively cancel the request. Doubting that it will come to pass is also a good way to cancel a request, and often is the reason for your desire to improperly manifest.

So when you do practice manifesting you must expect to wait. You must exercise patience, have you ever heard the saying; you can’t push a river? Well think about that for a second; you can not push a river.

Let us continue to use the river example as an analogy. You can direct the flow, but you can not stop it. You can exert all sorts of forces upon the river but you will not stop it. Even the great dams that have been built did not stop the river, just filled a lake, and eventually it spilled over the top of the dam. In the same manner you can’t push it. You can devise all sorts of propulsion devices, and in your immediate area affected by your propeller you can make a small current change, yet you will not make the river run faster. Lastly you can not make the river reverse itself; the river will flow in the direction it is flowing. The river will not change direction and go back to its source.

So it is with life, the universe and manifesting. There is no way to make things happen any faster than they are going to. When the time is correct the things you manifested will materialize, no sooner no later. So if your goal was to have a certain item by summer, and the universe knows that it would be better if you get it in the winter, then it will arrive in the winter. When the universe decides it; then that is the way it will happen.

You have the free will and the choice to decide for yourself what you desire your life to be. The universe loves and will grant your desires, in due time and not one iota faster.

So when you create, when you manifest, wait until the time is right and you will have all you truly desire.

Be Blessed.

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