The Law of Attraction – 3 Keys to Achieving Your Dreams

The Law of Attraction is basically the concept that we can manifest happenings in our life through visualizing what we want in our minds, and blocking out the negative thoughts about what we do not want. It becomes an exercise in faith and hope that is challenging in our real world of anxieties, fears, and stressors. Despite the challenges it is possible to achieve a greater state of happiness and contentment by focusing on the positive side of the future. Here are three important keys to success in using the law of Attraction in your own life:

1. Address your physical health first. The mind body connection is a powerful one, and it is important to address both your mental and physical self as a holistic unit. This means it is important to eat healthy food, get adequate exercise, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, take natural supplements, medication if you require it, and take physical breaks throughout your day.

2. Address any underlying depression symptoms. Depression is often related to brain chemistry, and should be assessed by a mental health professional or doctor if it is severe or debilitating. For many people, addressing physical health results in a great deal of improvement for their depression. Frequently, however, a “talking it out” approach is also needed to work through the circumstances and issues that lead to depressive symptoms. Get a good counselor, speak with a trusted and wise friend, and you will discover different perspectives on your problems. This will help you to see the issues are more manageable than they appear to be initially.

3. Begin implementing the idea behind the Law of Attraction. When you think about something you want, and talk about it as if it is already happening, this will make it far more likely to manifest in your reality. When the inevitable doubts and negative thoughts creep into your mind, imagine a giant red “X” through the image of the thought and say “Cancel”. Do not talk about how you are going to fail, or continue to look over the reasons why you can’t have the thing you want. See the goal you have in mind, and imagine in sensory detail what it will be like to have this goal met.

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