The Quantum Physics of Manifesting Happiness and Timing

All your desires already exist. When you know–not when you think, not when you believe, not when you wish and not when you hope–when you know with full faith that you will live that reality, you will manifest it. Recognize that when you set your intention and you also detach from the outcome, you allow the Universe to deliver the best version of that reality for you.  

The Universe always works in your highest and best interest. Always-even when you do not see how or why things happen. In the big picture, all your experiences lead to joy and happiness.

When your vibration reaches the point where all these elements are in place: the certainty, the faith, the expectation, the intention–when there is zero doubt, when you are not wondering about it–that desire must, by law, manifest to match your vibration.  

When all those factors are in alignment, you cause that probability wave, by your observation, by your focus–you cause the probability wave to become a definite particle–a definite time and space event.  

If you have a grid and one coordinate is time and the other is space, your focus causes the wave to stop at that point where time and space cross. Ta da! The desire becomes a particle that exists in your three dimensional world! 

Time does not really exist in a linear fashion. However, for us humans having the human experience now, that is how we manifest things. Because time exists in a linear fashion for us, it takes longer than an instant for something to manifest. 

When you get to a place where you have an understanding of all time being simultaneous you will be able to manifest instantly. Instantly is the equivalent of past, present, and future all collapsed on one moment.  

If you feel really confused right now that is okay. You read the information. Just store it away. Someday, if it is supposed to, it will shoot out roots, grow then blossom.

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