Spiritual Transformation, Channeling Wisdom, and Co-creating Your Reality For Success

We can always experience success in life if we are willing to become more and allow more to be expressed through us as we co-create our reality. This includes being a channel of wisdom and a vehicle for spiritual transformation. We should strive to become more because life is always becoming more. Yes, life is always becoming more and those of us who allow life to become more through us are powerful co-creators. Life is expressed through us as co-creators. Most importantly, life is expressed through us when we not only co-create our reality, but when we open our hearts and minds to channeling wisdom from Infinite Intelligence.

Yes, we co-create our reality. The more we are illumined with the light of our true and authentic self, the more we experience spiritual transformation. As we experience spiritual transformation, we grow in our openness to divine wisdom. Divine wisdom as it is channeled through us helps us to exemplify our magnificence and live our dreams.

When we walk the path of enlightenment and emit the vibration of wealth, success, and abundance we spiritually transform into powerful visionaries, leaders, and co-creators. Spiritual transformation is built on metaphysical principles which become more than just self-improvement. This spiritual transformation as it is express through us inspires others to inspire others. Yes, we are inspired to inspire others because true inspiration is perpetual and absolutely contagious.

Furthermore, it is more than just self-improvement a spiritual approach to transformation brings us to an awareness or consciousness of one’s true and authentic self. This level of awareness has been defined as the Oneness Blessing or Pure consciousness. With the Oneness Blessing or Pure Consciousness we grow and are able to channel wisdom through us from Infinite Intelligence.

The sanction of the Oneness Blessing or Pure Consciousness requires that we understand the power we have to co-create our reality and manifest our dreams and vision of purpose in life. It is realized more and more as we grow on the path of enlightenment.

As a co-creator, there is no need to be a victim or a victor because your life is no longer dictated by circumstances. You have the power in you to transform your life and experience wealth, success, love, devotion, wellness, optimal health, peace, order, happiness, empowering relationships, and serving humanity with your gifts and talents. Even in times of what seems like hopelessness and despair, you have the power to change your reality by emitting a vibration which aligns with wealth, success, and abundance.

You see, in the midst of true self transformation–spiritual transformation, you must hold on to your dreams for it will be your dreams and visions which carry you out of your suffering. We will all encounter pain and disappointments even as we co-create our reality, but this pain does not have to become continual suffering which leads to depression. Life is too precious to continue to suffer needlessly. We can rise out of suffering by living our dreams. This is the power of co-creating our reality. Additionally this is the power of channeling wisdom from Infinite Intelligence.

Some say, that “I have nothing.” There is nothing I know how to do to be successful. There is nothing I can do to change my life. Those of us on the path of enlightenment understand that everything begins with “no-thing-ness.” Those of us on the path of enlightenment know that no-thing-ness is the unformed stuff of the universe. “No-thing-ness,” Amen, Aum, Om, is the stuff from which all dreams are actualized in our reality.

And to get to the blessed place where no-thing-ness can be activated to manifest our dreams and vision, we must commit to our spiritual work which includes regular prayers, mantras, visualizations, and meditation. Spiritual work leads to spiritual transformation and spiritual transformation will take you to a place where dreams are born and visions are realized. As it happens, with dedication and a commitment to allowing the Creative Spirit move through you, you will find that your dreams and visions for life will manifest in your reality. And it all begins with your spiritual transformation.

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