What Does it Take to Be a Successful Person?

1. They have a dream:

Firstly you must have a dream, a definite purpose. We have already discovered that a dream is the foundation of success, it is what drives us on when we are faced with obstacles. It’s what tells us we can when others say we can’t.

2. They have a plan:

A plan is your road map to success. It takes you from where you are now, to where you want to be. Like they say; when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. If the dream is the foundation, then the plan is the architect’s drawing. The “how-to,” step by step instructions as to how you will achieve your dream.

3. They are willing to work hard:

Successful people don’t always need to work hard, but the key word is “willing.” They will do what it takes to make their dreams come true, as opposed to those who will simply give up when it is too much effort. When you work hard at doing something the end result is always that much more enjoyable.

4. They don’t take no for an answer:

Nobody has any right to stop you from achieving your dreams, in the same way that they have every right to pursue theirs. No is just another obstacle which needs to be overcome. In the same way that if you tell yourself you can’t do something,you have to change your way of attitude because it’s only you that can decide what you can and can’t do.

5. They are focused:

By concentrating on the goals and objectives, you will find that you achieve more. You won’t get sidetracked and you won’t procrastinate. By focusing, you will be able to do things effectively and be highly productive.

6. They learn how to get things done:

To succeed takes action, you need to do what it takes. When you don’t know how to do what it takes you must learn how to do it. Expanding your knowledge is essential in achieving. When you do know how to do something, you do it and then move onto the next thing. Never waste time, you are only delaying your enjoyment of your own dream.

7. They don’t make excuses:

The only person you’re accountable to is yourself, you are responsible for your own success.

8. They make decisions:

When you make a decision, follow it. If it doesn’t work out, learn from it. Don’t put off making decisions just in case you make a wrong one.

9. They learn from their mistakes:

Mistakes are something to learn from. If you make a mistake, correct it, then move on.

10. They are passionate:

When you are passionate about something, you will find that people respond positively to it. Opportunities will be presented to you and you will be ready to receive them. Who would you rather be around, someone who is excited or someone who is not motivated?

11. They are personable:

Be friendly, learn how to lead and influence people. When you are someone who other people want to be around, when people want to help you, you will find that you will succeed much faster. Everybody needs help to succeed, simply by being a nice person you will find that others are far more likely to offer their help and support. Nobody wants to see you fail if you are a nice person. Help others, and they will help you.

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