A Rapid Manifestation of Power

When I talk about power, I am not talking about political, business or even the domination of others. When I talk about power, I talk and mean purely about personal power developed quickly through concentrated patience, discipline and honesty with self. When considering becoming a stronger person, this was the first thing I considered, and the first thing you should most definitely consider. Sure, I can sit here and type for hours on the topic of the beginning of this article, but there is much more to say on this subject that is genuinely pertinent, indeed.

When I say concentrated patience, discipline and honesty with self, I mean concentrated in the purest of self working, honest ways. Not any sort of irrational power trip that plays off of idiotic mind games. But directed, focused, goal seeking, realistic achievement for yourself, by yourself.

So, there will be no mincing words in this article, just realistic advice and techniques on how to do the above. So, start with this, visualize what you really want and then put it as a list down on paper. That is it, and that is how I started. Sure that simple sentence may seem like hard going, but it is the best start you can do to carrying out my advice. You have nothing to really lose in carrying my simple advice out and everything to genuinely gain. Indeed, everything starts as an idea and ends up a manifestation in reality. Also, this sort of work gets your idea, brain and thinking centers pumping and working at the very least. When the idea becomes developed, it can be what you want in all ways if you take this advice to the fullest degree in every way that genuinely counts. All you have to be is disciplined enough to stick with the idea that you come up with all the way to fruition and manifestation. That is it.

Sure, like I said, I am not going to mince words in the advice I give in this article, but I will say some familiar things that run throughout most of my articles. Your personal goals are your strength. Treat them as such, because they are your sole strength and power when it comes to your personal achievement that genuinely counts in every way. Also, like I said, all achievement starts out as a good idea, any genuinely good idea that can be achieved. We start the day with thought, we end the day with thought and we even sleep with thought, use yours as productively as possible. That is genuinely how “rapid” personal power is developed in every way that counts. The “why” is always up to you as a whole.

So, what do I mean by the “why”, and it is very much akin to the “what” in that the statement says: “What do you want to achieve and why?” That is always the key question without exception in any way. If you do not have the answer to that, you have nothing. Sure, I could end here. But now, for some extra motivation: Without that answer to that question above in quotes, what do you have at the end of being, doing and having. You have nothing, because you have used your energies wrong if you go by the wants and needs of someone other than your own conscious self.

So, I ask again without the quotes and somewhat embellished: What do you genuinely want to achieve and why? If you have that rapid power can be genuinely attained, because you want it badly enough. That is the caveat and key to the kingdom, knowing what you want and going for it. That is it. Solidarity and genuineness of purpose is the strength behind any high achieving life. What is personal to you in a good way is your strength. Are you ready? I know you are. I leave you now to make your choice.

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