Internet Marketing and the Law of Attraction

The one thing that holds us back from getting the results we desire when we are consciously working with the law of attraction turns out to be the very thing that internet marketers do all the time.

What is this thing? Well because of the nature of internet marketing, we do two things – first, we spend a certain amount of time daily promoting promoting promoting using all of the different tools that we have access to on the internet now (YouTube, Google AdWords, blogs, forums, articles, Craigslist, etc). and then the second thing we do is we look back and see how our efforts did today.

Well, what happens as we do this? Most times, especially with those just starting out with internet marketing, our efforts don’t immediately produce the results we are looking for. We’ve spent hours staking out our ‘real estate’ on the internet, and it seems nothing much has come of it. Now, for us veteran marketers, we know that it takes consistent time and effort to begin to produce the results we so desire but for many others, as results don’t come in when we expect them (immediately), it is disheartening and many many times, we start to slack off putting new things out there or even stop altogether, feeling like we have done something wrong or are even a failure at this internet marketing thing.

So what if I told you that the law of attraction had a hand in your lack of results and more importantly, that you can use this same law that seems to be keeping what you want at bay to bring all that you want into your life?

You see, we are vibrating beings, made completely of energy, in fact, everything when broken down to its tiniest particle is energy. The entire universe is vibrating – isn’t that exciting? But to me, the most exciting part is realizing that our thoughts are also energy – when we thing a thought, it goes out into the universe and the essence of that thought comes back to us as our experience. That is the unwavering universal law of attraction at work.

What happens, though, when people grasp the idea of this law, is the exact thing that we as internet marketers do daily as I mentioned in the opening sentence. We project out what it is that we want which is a good thing because when we are focusing on what we want, our thoughts and feelings are positive, passionate and we become an open vessel to receive that which we want. However, what most people do is they consciously focus upon what they want for a while, but then they will look back to see where it is because it hasn’t manifested on their time schedule. In this looking back, they are now focusing on the lack of their desire (because it hasn’t shown up yet). In that mix of vibration of focusing on the desire and then upon the lack of the desire, the law of attraction can never bring into our experience the desire (for internet marketers that is of course the leads and the sale) – it defies law.

So this is exactly what happens when we, as internet marketers start out and get dissuaded very quickly many times. So what do we do? We make a decision to keep doing the daily things that we have been shown do work over time, we don’t keep checking our results or if we do, we make a statement such as ‘massive leads are coming to me in their own time’, and we make a commitment to keep going. We take a few minutes at the beginning of each day to be completely thankful for all the things in life that are pleasing to us. As simple an exercise as that is, it is so incredibly powerful as gratitude is a very high vibrating energy.

So, fellow internet marketers, make a commitment to keep going and don’t look for results every 5 minutes. Keep your eyes on the prize and the prize must come.

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