Manifesting Abundance – How You Can Use Your Body to Attract More Wealth With the Law of Attraction

Are you using the Law of Attraction properly for manifesting abundance in your life?

As a matter of fact, let me ask you, do you even know how to use the Law of Attraction properly?

How much faith do you have in yourself manifesting abundance with the Law of Attraction?

In fact, how much faith do you have in the Law of Attraction?

Do you think that the Law of Attraction as some fanciful idea that sounds great to you and you like to try from time to time but honestly speaking, you don’t really think works?

Is your impression of the Law of Attraction something that works for other people but could never work out for you?

The sad thing is, most people are using the Law of Attraction the completely WRONG way and they don’t know even how to use it properly.

Also, if you ask most people these questions, you’ll find out that they have little faith themselves manifesting abundance, they have little faith in the Law of Attraction itself, they embrace it with their mouths but in their minds and their hearts it’s some abstract concept that could never really work, and it’s something that other “lucky” people use to manifest their dreams.

It’s no wonder why most people will tell you they can’t seem to get the Law of Attraction to work for them.

People who have mastered the Law of Attraction for manifesting abundance in their lives walk around with complete faith knowing that everything that they desire is coming into fruition in their lives in their own time.

They’ve surrendered their power over to the Universe in terms of when and how their desire is going to manifest. They know that they don’t have to struggle and strain to attract things to them because they’re aware that as they focus on the right thoughts and take the right type of action, they will attract what they desire.

Thus, when it comes to their desires, they’re able to relax and be at peace knowing that everything is working out for them.

Those who fail at manifesting abundance with the Law of Attraction are obsessed with being in control how and when everything comes into fruition.

They’re afraid to surrender to the Universe so they take the whole burden of the attraction process on themselves, trying hard to “make” things happen.

Thus, these people are always tense and on edge because they’re too attached to the outcome and afraid that they’re not going to get what they want.

There’s an important word I used in the last sentence, the word “tense”.

If you pay attention to your body, you’ll find out that when you’re trying to use the Law of Attraction to bring your dreams into fruition, you’ll notice that there are parts that are stiff and tense due to the fact you’re anxious because you’re too attached to the outcome and you don’t believe you’re attracting what you want.

Anytime you’re stiff and tense your holding on to fear and anxiety.

The stiff areas of your body will give you a clue as to how well you’re doing with the Law of Attraction.

The more fearful you are, the more attached to the outcome, and the more you refuse to surrender everything to the Universe, the tenser you’ll be and the less likely you are to succeed in manifesting abundance in your life.

The thing is, most of us don’t know when we’re being tense and we have to become more aware so we can catch ourselves blocking the flow of abundance coming to us.

Your body is a good indicator of what’s going on in your mind.

Wherever you notice yourself being tense, know that something is off in your mind. Use that sign to let go of whatever you’re holding onto and refuse to surrender and your body will correspond accordingly.

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