Magnify Your Dreams – Allowing Yourself to Live the Life You Truly Want

I would bet anything each and every one of you have met people that shoot themselves down every day, and if you haven’t then you’re probably that person. How often have you had a dream, something you just knew in your heart you wanted and could do even though you had no idea how, and you shot yourself down. If you did pursue it you did what most people do, you took that dream and shrank it till it was only a tiny fraction of what you could have accomplished, until it was big enough to fit into the box of your comfort zone and leave you pretty much unchanged.

This article is about breaking free from those chains and seizing the huge, massive, out of this world, absolutely fantastic dreams you’ve never allowed yourself to dream before. Smash through the boundaries of what you believe is possible and break loose from your own limitation. If your dream is to make 1 billion dollars in 1 or 2 years then go for it! The 1 billion dollar idea will come if you visualize it, believe in it, expect it and get totally psyched about it.

The cool thing is that it works in a sort of positive cycle. The more excited you are about something the faster you’ll bring it into your life and the faster you’ll move towards it. The bigger the dream the more excited you get about it! This isn’t rocket science but the fact that it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Wallace Wattles says in his book “The Science of Getting Rich” that there is no task so laborious as sustained thought regardless of current circumstances. If you have a big dream it is hard to break through your own limitations and allow yourself to dream it, and more importantly to believe it and expect it to manifest into your life no matter how outrageous it might seem.

What I’m saying here is dream big enough that it becomes your obsession. Dream so big that you can’t help thinking about it and getting absolutely giddy every time you visualize your life when it’s happen. The moments in life that separate the big winners from the people merely surviving life are always the ones that give your heart and your stomach that jolt of life. The problem with the survivors is that they immediately talk themselves down, they haven’t prepared for this moment, haven’t thought about it constantly, haven’t made it a part of their subconscious so when it comes it’s so far out of their comfort zone it scares them. The big winners know the idea is coming, they know what they want and they’re just waiting for the huge idea that is mean to manifest through their lives and bring them everything they’ve ever dreamed of.

So be a big winner and prepare yourself. The bigger you dream the bigger the ideas you’ll have and the bigger the opportunities will be that are presented to you. Remember that it’s just as easy to dream a big dream as it is to dream a small dream. You need to realize that most people fail at life not because they aim too high and miss, but aim too low and hit. Break out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons daily because when you do that, when you dream bigger then you’ve ever allowed yourself to dream before, that’s when you really start living!

A few action points to get you started:

-The first thing you need to do is change your mentality, by that I mean you need to stop aiming for what you think you can get and start aiming for what you want. This is a lot trickier than you think because most people have spent their whole lives settling for what they think they can get and have no idea what they truly want in their hearts. Dare to dream and your dreams will dare to appear.

-Take full advantage of the situation you’re in now. In order to achieve huge dreams it’s not required that you quit your job and move to a big city to make or break you. Many people have done it this way and it works fine but whatever situation you’re in, whatever job you currently have, you have to work at it with the same enthusiasm and joy that you will give your dream job. Opportunity is all around you and that includes your current circumstances so stop working for the weekend and start showing your boss or whoever that you are the kind of person that aims high and goes for it. Once you outgrow your current circumstances new opportunities have to appear, it’s a law.

-The third and final action point is this, don’t share your dream with people you know will shoot you down until it is completely ingrained in your subconscious as not only possible but happening. The bigger your dream is the more fragile it is and you cannot afford to bombard your dreams with needless negativity that could bruise it and cause you to shrink it back down. You’re the only one that needs to believe in your dream and everybody else’s opinion is of no consequence. Remember when people criticize or belittle your dream it’s not because they really think you can’t do it, it’s because they themselves are uncomfortable with the idea. Because they don’t think they can do it they want to drag you down to their level. Keep your dream close to your heart and nurture it until it’s so powerful and has so much momentum no one could dare stop you.

Vostfr Hd