Law of Attraction – What to Do When You Can’t Attract What You Desire

Would you like to learn one of the most effective ingredients to attracting your desires? That one very effective ingredient is the ability to increase mental focus towards your goal and not away from it. There is the passive focus and there is the full deep inner concentration that must happen at the deeper levels of the mind.

It’s not always easy to gain this sort of deep focus. One thing which helps is the use of guided meditations. You may have experienced the wild monkey mind every time you tried to meditate. It’s one of the hardest things to bypass. This is where guided meditations come in. These meditations help the mind to settle into deeper levels while being directed.

Manifesting takes consistent training

Many people are under the false assumptions that if they read one book they would have all the information that they need. However like everything worth while doing, learning to manifest your dreams require consistent immersion in the topic. It does not have to take forever to learn to manifest or to even attract what you want, but somewhere in time you will hit a snag. You will reach the place where you can’t seem to get that thing you want. Everyone experiences this.

What to Do When You Can’t Attract What You Desire

When you hit the snag, embrace it. It’s a good thing. It means that there is something more you need to learn about yourself and your connection to the thing which you desire. This snag also teaches you the necessity of training the mind on a consistent basis. It’s very easy to fall into the “normal” way of thinking which is based on victimization and fear. This is why it’s most important to keep your mental power strong by always reading and always reminding yourself of the spiritual laws of manifesting.

Power is Applied Knowledge

The more you learn about the laws of the universe and the science of attraction the stronger you grow in faith. The stronger you grow in faith the more power you can apply to your intentions. When you are having a difficult time attracting what you desire it is because you don’t have faith or belief that it can happy. There is also the lack of belief in the laws themselves. This is why it’s necessary in the beginning to flood your mind with as much knowledge of the skills that it takes to manifest what you desire.

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