Manifest to That of a Genius by Letting Go!

We are all created in the image of God and the Universe, and God is within us all. Our fundamental nature is loving, peaceful, balanced, and harmonious. We are innately compassionate, caring, and kind. We appear, to be what we are not- angry and fearful people, filled with insecurity, guilt, and self-doubts. We have forgotten who we really are. We are powerful, energy filled manifesting beings.

We do not need to learn about balance, peace, compassion, forgiveness or faith. Instead our task is to unlearn those negative and harmful emotions that plague our lives and deter us away from being aware of the powers within us to design and recreate our lives the way we intend it to be with our will.

When we remove the outer layers of dirt and debris, which are in essence negative energies in motion, we then once again realize the true diamonds we really are. We have always been diamonds underneath. Letting go of fear, anger and other negative emotions is key to enhancing your manifesting abilities. You must understand that manifesting is a craft, and like other crafts your skills and abilities in that craft grows and continues to grow as long as you intend it. There are no boundaries limiting how well you become at manifesting, manipulating your outer world with the powers of your inner world. Some refer to this as Telekinesis.

Whatever your fear, is destroying you many times over before the event even happens. Just imagine the fearful event happening and you actually serving the event and say to yourself “I’ve been through worse, so this is nothing” and then forget about it. It’ll be easier to remove it from your consciousness that way. You will experience your fears over and over again until you learn the proper technique of letting go. Your fear will be replaced with a sense of  calmness and peace. You really are a true Manifesting being, an intelligent being of Love and light!

Be open to honing your Mind and Manifesting abilities to that of a genius!

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