Your Existing Relationship Or A New Relationship? How The Law Of Attraction Can Help

Many times we find ourselves in a relationship that has gone stale. The lustre and joy that we once experienced in the company of another has turned to complacency, familiarity or even boredom. Sometimes the relationship has even become negative, hurtful or abusive. Have you ever been involved in such a relationship? Are you involved in a similar relationship right now? If you are involved in one now, and you are student personal development, armed with the knowledge of the great Law of Attraction how do you decide if you should recreate your relationship and the love and joy you once experienced or if you should just move on? If you have any physical experience of using the Law of Attraction then you will know that it is possible to create or recreate anything you desire. There are no limits to what can be achieved, attracted and created using this law. So through this powerful law it is possible to recreate the relationship you once had as we are unlimited beings with unlimited potential.

So regardless of the trials and tribulations that you may be currently experiencing in your relationship you should be aware that any problems can be fixed and lost love, joy, enthusiasm and passion can be restored through the workings of your mind and the use of your emotions.

You may be in a relationship that was once filled with the joy of living and now after some time and trials you find the relationship is no longer what it once was. Being aware that it is possible to recreate your existing relationship the question arises – should you recreate it the way it was by focusing on that? Or, should you release it and look for a new love that will fulfil your desire for joy?

To answer this question it is necessary to get in touch with your core desires. The universal Law of Attraction is non-judgemental. It doesn’t care whether you believe your desires to be right or wrong, good or bad. It has no opinion on whether or not your thoughts are positive or negative, it merely responds to your habitual thinking and the power of your emotions and focus. For this reason it is important to get in touch with your core desires and the reasons for wanting a renewed joyful experience with another human being.

For instance you may be in a marriage that spans several decades and share many physical things with your spouse including, home, vehicles, bank accounts and even children. Do you believe that marriage is for life?

Under such conditions you may feel that it is the right thing to stay in a relationship that seems almost dead as the thought of venturing out on your own is not a prospect you wish to even contemplate. Perhaps your relationship has just become habitual and you want to renew the spark or take it in a new fresh direction. However, many times we stay in relationships that are not working becomes they are familiar and comfortable. The thought of starting all over again can evoke fear, trepidation or even despair.

If you take stock of your own emotions and really ask yourself why you are in a current relationship and what you are seeking from it, it should become clear what you should do.

However, whether you decide to recreate your existing relationship or attract a new one the key to manifesting more joy in this area of your life is acceptance. It is essential that you remove judgement and negative emotions regarding your current relationship and just allow it to be the way it is. It is an axiom of the Universe and at the very core of the Law of Attraction that you always get more of what you focus on. This is the reason behind the Carl Jung quote “what we resist persists”. What you are resisting and trying to push away or fix is actually what you are directing your focus towards. So allowing your relationship to be OK the way it is, is the first step to creating a better relationship whether that be with your current partner or someone else. In this respect you must also be willing to release the relationship completely and allow something better to come into your life even if it is your desire to recreate your existing relationship.

Many times we direct our focus towards changing the other person in the vain belief that if only they changed then everything would be better! We try to focus on the other person becoming more like we want them to be in order to create the type of relationship we want. In such situations it may just be better to seek that type of person rather than trying to change are existing partner.

For example if you are in a relationship where your partner has an addiction and you wish to recreate the relationship as it once was you must first accept that your partner has an addiction and may never change and so be willing and open to finding the joy and harmony you want in a different relationship.

By getting in touch with the values and emotions that are driving your desire for a better relationship you can build up a picture and emotional mind-set of what you really want. By focusing on that and allowing your current circumstances to just “be” then you will attract the perfect circumstances to create the relationship you really do want. This may be with your current partner or may be with someone else entirely.

When you accept what is you align yourself with the universe and step into your own power. By doing this you release resistance and therefore the thoughts and feelings you chose to focus on regarding the reality you wish to create are set in motion and the manifestation of them begins immediately.

Through the power of your focus and the strength of your positive emotions you can create anything you desire. By focusing on the feelings you will get from the perfect relationship and keeping only thoughts in your mind that make you feel that way you trigger the Law of Attraction and immediately begin the manifestation of your perfect relationship.

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