Mental Conditioning For Manifesting Mind Power

Manifesting our deepest desires is nothing more than an ability to transmit intentional thought waves that are strong enough to cause an energetic vibratory effect in the ocean of universal consciousness. When this is achieved the thought power of the intent is absorbed by the infinite creative potential of universal consciousness, in effect making the intent its own. This causes a sequence of both tangible and intangible events (coincidences, synchronicities, fateful alignments) that sooner or later results in the manifestation of the things intended.

When put this way, manifesting our deepest desires seems simple … if only. We all know it isn’t or else we would all be living the lives we want, manifesting to our hearts content. The fact is most of us do not possess this power to the extent that we can command it at will and the reason why is because we have not mastered our minds. The real power of manifesting lies in one’s individual ability to condition their brain and mind in very specific ways.

We all possess an incredibly powerful electromagnetic transmitter receptor: our brains. Our brains are constantly generating brainwave frequencies, electrical impulses that are directly correlated to the character and quality of our thoughts. In general the faster our brainwaves, the more anxious, worried, afraid and less effective we are. For most of us this tends to be a regular brainwave pattern. The problem of course is that not only does it cause us discomfort, distress and eventually disease, but the highly charged feelings that accompany those brainwave states are accompanied also by thoughts that are strong in their energetic potential and so readily transmit to universal consciousness. The result is unintentionally manifesting things we don’t want. We’ve all had experiences of this. So how do we stop it and achieve the right mental state?

Developing the right mental state in order to manifest one’s desires at will takes time and practice. It requires changing the pattern of one’s brainwave patterns, making them slower. Scientific investigation has irrefutably proven that the minds of high achievers, regardless of their field of expertise, demonstrate slower brainwave patterns more frequently. When one’s brainwaves are slowed down, one’s ability to access higher levels of mental functioning and peak performance states increase. Such as: super learning, increased: memory, creativity, intuition, lucid dreaming, slower metabolic rate, whole brain integration and meditative states.

As one begins to develop an ability to regularly slow down their brainwave frequency, a shift in one’s mental character also occurs. Not only will the benefits (as mentioned above) begin to emerge, but one’s experience of life will change too. One becomes calm, tranquil, at ease, happy. Mental ‘noise’ reduces and the mind is more able to become steadily concentrated and this is the optimum condition the mind and brain need to be regulated to in order to access its manifesting power. When one can hold their mind steady in this way, focusing on the things that they dearly wish to manifest, feeling calm, happy in assurance that it will come to be, they have entered the realm of those who know the secret of a happy and successful life.

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