Use the “Mastermind Model” to Help Create the Success You Deserve!

I want to share the top nine reasons to consider joining a MasterMind group of positive, solution oriented professionals to help you connect even more to the “Law of Attraction”.

For me, personally, it has been the catalyst for my growth in my career and in my personal life. Surrounding myself with an incredible group of positive, win-win people has increased the earnings of my business start ups, has helped me create better solutions to issues I deal with, increased my personal and professional confidence and opened an even bigger world of “possibilities”.

Let me explain…


Many times we cannot see beyond our personal experience or our personal “view” of the world. Much like, “We cannot see the forest for the trees”. Our personal “trees” block the view of the beautiful and boundless forest. So, when we are together with our MasterMind group, I am still, after 20 years of participating in them, amazed at the options, insights and opportunities that are created. Not to brag, but I am EXTREMELY creative, yet I consistently see new ideas and thoughts for myself and others that are needed to nourish the Law of Attraction lives we want to live.


There are TRULY unlimited solutions. Beware of people saying “The way I see it, you only have one option”. MasterMind groups create as many options as you are open to receive. Unlimited solutions await us and we can provide unlimited solutions to others.


Your MasterMind group is the one place that should be safe to share your dreams, your hopes, and your challenges. A warm, caring and non-judgmental place for you to stretch your wings, explore your potential and give life to those desires that have been confined to your heart or your head. A safe place to “create” your life.


The group can help hold you accountable TO and FOR your dreams, as well as the actions you need to take to manifest them. They may say “WHEN are you going to take action and report back to us?” By being part of your group they, too, are investing in YOU. You owe them accountability to step out there on that limb, knowing they are behind you to help you if you fall and to celebrate as you fly. We are not victims; we are victors, once we accept responsibility and accountability to manifest, with joy, our dreams.


Sometimes there are people that would consider you celebrating your successes as “bragging”. That you are “too full of yourself”. Cancel! Cancel! In order to manifest through the Law of Attraction, you want to surround yourself with those that are truly happy and EXCITED for your successes. The MasterMind group is the place for celebration. The group is invested and as excited for your successes as their own because you each are sharing parts of yourself to create the synergy, energy of possibilities. So, get ready to celebrate your success of your dreams manifesting!


Remember that while you are receiving hope, ideas, inspiration, and possibilities from your MasterMind group you are GIVING hope, ideas, inspiration, and possibilities to others in your group. I can attest for the fact that your heart feels fuller when someone found a nugget in something you shared or gave to them and it impacted their life, their dream. Again, givers gain.


If, on the average, it has been said that each person knows 250 people, and you have 8 people in your group, then your personal network just expanded to 2,000 contacts for you and your MasterMind group to share as resources. In our age, with mobility, the internet, social networking and more, I believe in a higher, but still, a very conservative 750 people each that we know which increases our network of contacts for our group to 6,000. We are 2 to 6 degrees from a person we need to connect with to make our dreams come true. I do believe that. As you get clearer on WHO you want to connect with, you increase your odds of “connecting” based on the Law of Attraction model. So, let your MasterMind group tap their network.

Another piece of group resources is the resources that exist to help us manifest our dreams and goals… it might be a person, a website, a contact, a place, a magazine. Your MasterMind group is a magnet to help you attract the resources you need. A large magnet can attract more then a small magnet, so empower yourself and your group to use the resources you all share.


Is “braveness” a word? I’m not sure, but I personally can attest for an increase in confidence and braveness by being part of a MasterMind group. I saved this for last, but I feel that in order to “attract” we NEED to develop our confidence that we can do it! We CAN make our dreams come true. Being brave is not always easy, but sharing your heart and soul with others that believe in us, increases our braveness factor. I have seen it over, and over. The group believes in us before we believe in ourselves.

This quote to me defines this concept:

“When I see in you what you do not see in yourself, I am the bridge.”

Author unknown.

Your group is your “bridge”.


Your meetings will be fun. You will feel more joy when you see and feel the support and the endless possibilities. The Law of Attraction in action!

So, if you truly want to live a life that celebrates the Law of Attraction, create or find a MasterMind group. If you want to create better relationships, create more time, more money, more joy, and create the highest energy “synergy”, start today on your journey of creating or finding a MasterMind group to help you on your journey to even more joy in your life.

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