Law of Attraction Distraction

I have watched “The Secret” movie several times while the philosophy is time tested and the metaphor behind the theory of Law of Attraction is good, I totally disagree on relying it just on the attraction factor.

Besides vision board, self image and visualising on the images that you hold on your head, its literally impossible to attract the things you want into your life without two crucial ingredients.

Focus and Action ! They worked hand in hand together with the Universe to manifest what you visualise, internalise and desire intensely.

Most people gets hyped up by the Attraction factor . What “The Secret” did not teach is the fact that we need to take action and Massive Action coupled with visualisation techniques to manifest the things that we want in our lives.

In order to attract the desired things in our lives, we need to identity an image that is crystal clear that you can bring up anytime you close your eyes. Its so real that you can literally touch it. With that ability to hold that image in your mind, you need to have a specific plan of action to drive you to the desire results.

Being able to focus and take action and asking the Universe for it, whatever you desire, it WILL manifest in your life it may not be immediate but when you look back into your life laster on, you will see things happening in your lives that you never imagine. Thats how the Universe works. It only works when you asked for what you want and have a specific action plan with laser focus to achieve it.

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