The Law of Command

In her book,

, Catherine Ponder lists many laws for prosperity and manifestation of wealth. One of the most important is the Law of Command. You might recognise it as an ‘affirmation’. However, I think it feels like it has more power and oomph if you think of it as a ‘command’.

Simply pick a phrase that makes you sit up and notice, and repeat it throughout the day.

The one I used this week was “There is gold dust in the air and it falls on me in great abundance.” I first read this phrase in Catherine’s book and thought about how the man who used that phrase repeatedly really lived his life in knowing expectation that there was gold dust (opportunity, clients, business) at every corner. And so it was.

Then I met a man here in Canberra at a networking meeting who lined up three different joint ventures over breakfast. He turned to me and said, “there really is opportunity for business everywhere, isn’t there?”

– here was another example of a man who had this idea at his command and it was hauling in results, simply because he expected it to be so.

So what were

results after a week of commands? I finalised a joint venture with a fellow coach, initiated another one, received a request to facilitate a mastermind for a group of accountants, and 6 more spots filled in my workshop. VERY cool indeed!

pick a phrase that makes you feel excited and tingly, and say it often every day. Really feel the command and all its excitement in your body.

Here’s to

gold dust…

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