Scientific Manifestation – Personal Development Miracles

It is not surprising that, as scientific advancements surge forward at a fantastic rate, scientists are beginning to unravel the very fabric of reality. However, we all know that too fast a leap in our scientific knowledge without an equal leap in our spiritual growth could spell disaster for the human race. I believe we are all conscious of this truth at one level or another. It is therefore easy to understand how scientific advancements, in understanding how our universe works, are starting to narrow the gap between science and spirituality.

As far back as written history reaches we can see that small groups of people have understood and applied and kept secret universal truths about the nature of reality and how to manipulate it. Since the beginning of the printing press these hidden secrets have become more accessible to ordinary people.

Religion has spoken of these truths for thousands of years and if one understands them the truth can still be seen in religious texts (although many have been doctored and changed to hide it). Poets have written about the secrets in cryptic words and philosophers have debated them amongst one and other, while mystics have openly proclaimed them to the world. Science is now uncovering the secrets of the ages and openly experimenting with the principles of the universe and manifestation. Quantum Physics is at the leading edge of science and is paving the way to a spiritual revolution by revealing these secrets to mankind in a provable scientific way.

Even though Einstein told us that space and time are relative and not as fixed and permanent as they seem we still held onto our old belief systems of materiality as our collective consciousness slowly began to change. We are at the forefront of a new age. The human race, as a collective consciousness, are stating to realize that we are in control of our own destiny. Science is now telling us that the universe is just one huge matrix of energy. Every small packet of energy, quanta or energy field is connected to every other through this unlimited matrix. The physical universe in which we live, and are a part of, is in this matrix.

This new science also proposes that material reality itself cannot exist without consciousness. It is consciousness that creates and sustains all that we see. It is also being shown that this material world and everything in it can, not only be created but can also, be controlled by a mind driven by consciousness. This means you and me!

Well how does consciousness, through the use of mind, manipulate the material world?

Through thoughts!

Thoughts have an electromagnetic property that is the very essence of this matrix that binds all energy and forms it into small packets which we see and recognise as the material world. Using our thoughts we can easily reshape and manipulate the very electromagnetic field of which a substance is made. Your thoughts can actually change the very matrix of reality – the entire matrix!

Once, the idea that thoughts create things was viewed as a mystic belief held by primitive minds, delusion psychotics or misguided unilluminated souls. However, science is proving that it is indeed the case. In fact the science of the quantum world is showing us that we are creating every moment of everyday – because we incessantly think!

Why do most of us find it so difficult, or impossible, to consciously create what we want? Why do we find it difficult to create the things in life that we want and instead creating many life experiences that we would rather consciously avoid? Well the clue to the answers lies in the wording of the questions!

Most of us create, that is we think, unconsciously. We are on automatic most of the day. You cannot consciously direct your thinking for 30 minutes of the day, and expect these thoughts to materialize, while you are unconscious for the other 15 hours and 30 minutes!

It is your unconscious, or automatic, thoughts that create most of your experiences and determine what you have in life. If you wish to change your life and be a scientific creator, who can manifest at will, then you need to identify and remove your negative automatic thoughts and replace them with positive beliefs and feelings that naturally and automatically create the life you want.

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