To Attract Money Change Your Beliefs

To attract money using the law of attraction, you need to change your beliefs. If you think that you’re not good enough, or worthy enough, or worth the amount of money you’d like in your life, until you change that belief, you’re not going to be able to attract the money you want.

But if it’s embedded deep within your sub-conscious, you are almost compelled to keep thinking it. To get at those stubborn beliefs, means you’ve got to go down into your subconscious and root them out.

So why do you hang onto them? They didn’t come from you to begin with. As we grow, as we mature up until the age of about eight, we’re like little sponges soaking up what our caretakers believe. Then we do a little research and test those beliefs, recording our responses to them. It’s not your fault that you have some of the negative beliefs that you do. In fact, it’s not your caretaker’s fault they had them as well.

Our lives are created based upon what we believe about ourselves. What we

we’re capable of achieving. If your beliefs are negative, then it’s hard to attract positive things into your life, regardless of how many positive affirmations you repeat.

Your beliefs are the filter through which your thought attracts – beliefs help to empower your emotions. It’s just easier sometimes to believe the bad stuff.

Beliefs are passed on generation to generation. As a child, you either accept them or reject them. If you reject them, your internal map is written with that program. So your response to a negative belief can be another negative belief.

As young babies, we’re born with the ability to smile, to be happy. Newborn babies are fully equipped with the ability to smile. Researchers used to think that babies learned smiling by watching its parents. But how does a blind baby learn to smile when he can’t see? A blind baby smiles as often as a sighted baby, right from birth.

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