How to Create Your Own Personal Manifestation Manifesto

A manifesto is a mission statement, a proclamation, an announcement. For me, it is also a declaration of what I want to manifest, or bring into reality.

A manifesto is written in present tense, as if you are already being, doing having what you are proclaiming.

A Manifestation Manifesto can include things that are already truth for you. And it can include the vision you hold of your

Begin with a blank paper or a page in your journal.

Take a few deep and centering breaths to come into the present moment.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a favorite place, really enjoying yourself.

Follow your breath and connect to the person you are in this vision:

· what does it FEEL like to be you?

· what you are proud of in this moment?

· what are your greatest gifts?

· what brings you joy?

· how do you connect to something bigger than yourself?

· what words describe or identify what is most important to you?

Make a list or free-write about this vision.

Now go through your writing and pull out some key words, feelings, ideas.

On a new piece of paper, write:

I AM… finishing each sentence with words that describe and celebrate who you are and this bigger vision you hold for yourself to become.

Now re-write your Manifesto on card stock, really embodying the words as you write.

Feel free to embellish your Manifestation Manifesto using markers, glitter, magazine cutouts, etc.

Then be sure to

, read it and proclaim it for yourself several times every day.

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