Letting Go Of Your EGO – The Secrets To Meditation And Manifesting – Part Two Of A Series

you’re no one. Your value just went down the chute! Same with all the other things you attach yourself to, your car, your house and your money. Poof, they’re gone, and so is your essence. Bull!

Learning to let go of your Ego allows you to let go of any attachment to material things and the need to control your surroundings, people in your life and all your stuff. “But wait Steve, aren’t we here to learn how to manifest more stuff?” Well, yes. It’s a bit counter intuitive isn’t it? We’re back to ‘letting go, and letting God’.

At this point I hope you get the point that you need to allow yourself to just be, without any attachments to outcomes or results. It’s when you let go that the things you want in life begin to appear. You have an internal guidance system, your true self, that points you in the right direction to happiness and fulfillment (yes, and the stuff), you just need to remember who you really are and tap into that.

You knew when you were a kid how to have fun and be happy. I bet you had more fun with a cardboard box and a crayon than whatever came in the box. Somewhere along the line, you just forgot how to do it. Now I’m going to give you some tools with which you can remember.

Let’s begin with gratitude. When was the last time you were really thankful for the things you already have? A home to live in, a car to drive or the food you eat every day? When was the last time you really tasted and savored the food you eat? I’m not trying to beat your down here, or guilt you like your Mom did about the starving kids in China or Africa. I’m just saying slow down and really, really appreciate your corn flakes, or your kids or that fact that your car starts most mornings. Be completely grateful for what you have without thinking about what you don’t have. OK? OK.

I’ll give you more Manifestation tools in Part Three, but first….. Let meditate!

So, hopefully you have been practicing at least 5 minutes a day, and congratulations if you are! Maybe you are even up to 20 minutes a day, KUDO’s to you! (Just a small ego stroke for ya, ha ha.) Go to place where you prefer to have your quiet time. Again, this should be a place where you wont be disturbed and preferably darkened. If you like, light some candles and your favorite incense. Now find some nice music to play in the background. There are plenty of meditation CD’s you can purchase for this purpose, don’t worry if you don’t have any right now though.

Sit either on the floor, in a chair or on cushions that will allow you to keep your back straight up and down. Keeping your spine erect helps allow the energy to flow through you easily and keeps you ‘grounded’ during the meditation. There are two ways I suggest you hold your hands. Either place your hands on your legs near your knees, palms up, with your index fingers and thumbs lightly touching, or hands overlapping, again, palms up, in your lap and forming a kind of cup. Choose whatever is most comfortable and feels right for you.

Breath in taking full deep breaths, allowing your diaphragm to fully expand, pause for a few seconds and exhale completely, expelling all the air in your lungs. Continue to focus on this method of breathing for a few minutes until it becomes natural and rhythmic and you begin to feel relaxed. Now think about something you are grateful for, for the next several minutes. Allow yourself to feel total joy around this experience.

Next, think about something you would like to manifest in your life. Imagine already having it in your possession. Feel the joy it brings you to have this thing right now. Completely focus on the feeling of already having in your life. If thoughts creep up like “I can’t ever get that” or “That would be nice, someday” gently let go of these thoughts and return your focus on the feeling of having it today, right now!

Continue focusing on the object of your desire for about 5 minutes, then return your focus on your breathing. Simply let go of any thoughts you have. As your mind wanders, and it will, take notice and just redirect your thought to your breath.

When you are ready, begin to slowly return your consciousness to the room you are in, and become aware of your surroundings. Ahhhhhhh, I bet that felt great! Remember not to judge your meditation, you will get better and better the more you practice.

Keep up this new meditation daily if possible. Each time you may choose to focus on the same thing you want to manifest, or something different each time. Just be as consistent as you can. Next time, more tools sweep away your Ego and more meditation techniques to manifest the life of your dreams.

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