Visualization – How Beyonce Knowles Keeps Her Eye on Her Dream

Beyonce Knowles is a hugely successful and multi-award winning artist. However, one coveted award she hasn’t won as yet is an Oscar and she visualizes achieving her dream of winning an Oscar to help keep herself motivated to stay in shape.

To facilitate this, Beyonce has a painting in her gym that feature the gold statuette and as she works out she can visualize herself wearing yet another fabulous figure hugging gown walking up to the stage to receive her Oscar. She can see and hear the vast audience all applauding and celebrating her accomplishment. She can feel the firmness of the Oscar as she grips it in her hands as she gathers her composure to give her acceptance speech. She can also feel her sheer excitement and pleasure as she soaks up every moment.

And the thing is your sub-conscious mind cannot differentiate between what’s real and what’s imagined. Therefore, the practice of visualization helps you to manifest or create what you desire.

George Bernard Shaw

And you can substitute the word imagination for visualization – what you can imagine or visualize you can create.

Visualization is very important to the process of goal achievement. The more vividly, intensely and frequently you practice visualizing your goals the faster you’ll be able to manifest your goals. As John Assaraf said:

Visualizing is like daydreaming and the chances are that, when you were young, you were very good at daydreaming. But then, as you got older it’s likely, that you were often told to snap out of your reverie. You may have lost your ability to easily visualize but improving this skill will greatly enhance the chances of you achieving your goals.

Jack Canfield said that:

But what makes visualization so powerful? Visualization helps you to tap into and unleash the power of your sub-conscious mind.

You know how sometimes couples joke about who really wears the pants in a relationship? Well, in your life, your sub-conscious mind definitely wears the pants. You may think that you’re running things but the reality is that, on a day-to-day basis, you’re actually in control about 5% of the time – at best. Generally, it’s closer to 1%.

No wonder so many people struggle to achieve their goals. You basically run on a set of programmes operated by your sub-conscious mind. So, if you don’t have the ‘co-operation’ of your sub-conscious mind, when it comes to goal achievement you’re doomed to fail.

So how do you use effectively use visualization in the goal achievement process. You simply imagine or visualize your goals as already complete. This is why you need a clear picture of your goals and why using imagery such as in a vision board or a mind movie is so effective. Beyonce’s Oscar painting acts like a vision board.

However, it’s not just what you see when you’ve completed your goals. You have to engage all your senses and feel the positive emotions of what you would feel upon achieving your goal.

When you practice visualization on a consistent and regular basis you will become magnetized to the people, resources, and opportunities that will help you to achieve your goals. In other words people, resources and opportunities will be attracted to you.

Visualization will also sharpen your powers of perception so that you can you will recognize these resources. In many cases, they may have been staring you in the face but you just didn’t recognize the resource or opportunity for what it was. Your sub-conscious mind didn’t realise it was important to you and simply filtered out the information.

All you then need to do is take action. And I bet that Beyonce uses this visualization for other goals she strives to achieve. So remember: visualize your way to success.

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