How To Use The Law Of Attraction

There are too many guides on the Internet teaching how to use the Law of Attraction. After watching The Secret, almost everyone goes searching about it on the Internet and they end up having too much information and not knowing where they should start. It is quite simple and we should not make it too complicated or too complex. In this article, I will guide those people on how they can start using the Law of Attraction immediately to manifest their dreams.

First be clear of your desires. Visualize your desire in your mind. Be specific of it and try your best to reach every detail of it. Some people are good in visualization naturally and that made them easily to manifest their heart desires. However, if you have problem with visualizing, just do the best you can. As long you can send the image of your desire to your subconscious mind, nothing else matters at this time.

When you visualized what you want, it means you have sent an order to the Universe. Remember the Universal Laws does not understand words. It only understands the frequency of your mind. Our mind releases thoughts and our heart releases emotions. Each of those thoughts and emotions have its own frequency that which can be measured with proper tools by the scientist. Now you already half way on learning how to use the Law of Attraction. There are two more steps you need to understand and we are going to talk about it soon.

Next step on manifesting consciously is by believing your desires already have been manifested. Here’s the Secret Key to the Law of Attraction: you should be detached from the outcome and at the same time convince your mind that you already received your desires. See it in your mind and the Universe will take it as true and make your reality to look the same way. Your life outside is the reflection of the thoughts, emotions and feelings you entertain within you.

The final step on learning how to use the Law of Attraction is receiving. In this step, you are being open to the Universe. Keep your eyes on the opportunities that Universe will provide. Tune to your inner self because the Universe might ask you to take an inspired action. Eventually, if you followed this how to use the Law of Attraction guide, you will manifest your heart desires.

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