The Powerful Manifestation Secret I Learned from a Famous Internet Marketer

A while ago I was reading the audio transcripts of a call between Simon Hodgkinson & Jeremy Gislason entitled The Mindset Call.

Simon revealed a powerful secret that helped him to become the rich and famous Internet marketer that he is today. “You have to believe in your own mind that you’ve already done what you want to do.” I know that it sounds as if this guy is nuts, but it’s worked for him and it can definitely work for you.

You’ve got to see yourself as a successful person who has already achieved your goal – whatever that may be – and you’ve got to convince your subconscious mind that you’ve already accomplished the goal you want to accomplish.

Note that I said subconscious mind. The conscious mind already knows that you haven’t reached your goal,but the subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between what we vividly imagine and what is actually real.

The subconscious mind will start to move you in the direction of that goal automatically. You’ll see opportunities you never saw before. You may get a hunch that you need to take a particular action, call a

particular person etc. It’s important to act on those feelings when they occur.

You need to visualize yourself as having achieved the goal already. Bring into play as many senses as you can. What will it feel, smell, taste and sound like? Feel the same emotions of ecstasy and joy you would feel if you had really achieved the goal. This simple exercise works wonders if done twice a day, once in the morning on awakening and again just before going to bed at night.

During the day you need to act like the person you want to become. For instance if you want to become wealthy than act and play the part of a wealthy person. How would you walk if you were wealthy? How would you talk if you were wealthy? How would you conduct yourself if you were wealthy? Then conduct yourself accordingly.

An additional tool that will help speed up the process is to write down (in detail and in the present tense) the goal you want to achieve, for example “I am making $1000 a month by January 31st 2007” or ‘I weigh 54 kg by March 31st 2007’ The goals need to be specific, measurable and have a deadline.

Now post these goals where you will see them often and read them out loud at least twice a day. Before bed and upon awakening are good times to read them out loud.

Don’t dismiss this technique. It is a powerful method of re-programming the subconscious mind for lasting success.

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