The Law of Attraction Exposed – Believe in Yourself and You Will Create the Life of Your Dreams!

Creating the life of your dreams does not have to be hard. It can be as simple as deciding that you are ready for happiness, success, peace, and abundance… right now! Once you decide that you ready to live your dreams, then the laws of attraction and abundance will bring your desires to life! All you have to do is decide that you are ready and then move towards your dreams with confidence. The universe will do the rest.

Belief in yourself is the key. Very few people achieve long-term, satisfying success by accident. Almost everyone that has ever achieved a worthy goal or dream achieved that dream because they believed in themselves. Sure, we all experience things like self-doubt from time to time, but the real winners in life learn to push through that obstacle. They develop self confidence and the courage to keep trying different approaches when things don’t go as they planned.

What do you want in your life? Success? Happiness? You won’t experience success in your life until you believe you are successful. You won’t experience happiness until you believe that you are happy. Not that you could be happy, or that you will be happy some day, but that you are happy right now. Right now! Right now you are capable of creating any type of life for yourself that you can imagine. You simply have to believe in yourself.

No one else can do this for you either. Sure, you may have loved ones who believe in you and wish the best for you, but ultimately, you and you alone are responsible for believing that you can achieve your dreams. Other people can inspire you and boost you up, but you are the one that has to reach out and grab your dream.

Many people fall into the trap of pinning their happiness or success on people or things outside of themselves. They tell themselves that they’ll be happy when… when they get that new job, or when they get that bigger house or when they meet that perfect guy or girl. In the meantime they stay stuck in an emotional whirlpool, never allowing themselves to be happy right now. They don’t believe that they can be happy or successful until conditions are just right.

Usually this is because of an underlying fear. It can be a fear of the unknown, a fear of failure, or even fear of succeeding! These fears are rooted in a lack of self confidence and they will prevent you from achieving your dreams and desires.

This is the law of attraction at it’s most basic. If you don’t believe that you can do something or manifest something into your life, guess what? You are right. Your self confidence and your belief in your abilities are you greatest strengths, and are the foundation of your dream.

Here is a great exercise to help boost your self-confidence and strengthen your belief in yourself.

Choose a time when you can sit quietly and will be undisturbed for ten or fifteen minutes. Now, create a list of all your past accomplishments and achievements. Put down everything you can think of. Once you see how much you have already accomplished in your life it will be easier for you to believe that you can succeed at something new. Start writing down everything you have already achieved. Put down any successes you have had, no matter how small they may seem, put down any skills you have learned, put down all your accomplishments.

What if you don’t have anything to put down? Of course you have accomplishments! We all do. Just living in the world today means that you have learned how to do hundreds and hundreds of tasks, some of them highly skilled! Do you know how to ride a bike? Drive a car? Balance a checkbook? Learned to read? Put them on your list. What else have you accomplished so far? Chances are, you will quickly develop a long list of things that you have learned or mastered so far in life.

Now, each time you find yourself doubting your ability to achieve something new, you can look back at your list and see that, compared to all the things you’ve already done, this new goal is a cinch! Don’t forget to add any new accomplishments or achievements to your list. This will inspire you to reach for bigger and better goals!

Believe in yourself and you will create the life of your dreams.