Law of Attraction – The Crazy Attraction Killer

Do you know what the number one killer of the Law of Attraction is? Everyone has to deal with this one attraction killer from the newbie to the advanced manifesto. As your goals gets large this killer creeps up and rears it’s ugly head again and again. It can be so debilitating that most people won’t ever get past it. It’s like the troll under the bridge.

Will you get over the bridge or will you let this monster hold you back? The biggest killer in successfully practicing the Law of Attraction is fear. Let’s define fear for a bit. Fear is that inner feeling of doom and gloom; it is the anticipation of something bad happening even before that bad thing happens. Fear comes in several ways the more you are able to identify it the easier it is to kill it before it kills you.

Do you ever worry that what you want is too far out of your reach? Do you ever feel that it is too grand for you to even consider wanting to attract something that is large, newer, better than what you now have. Lots of people who learn of the Law of Attraction won’t ever use it to manifest greatness. Most people will only aim for what is in their immediate environment.

Those who do make the effort to set a goal spend more time worrying that it may not happen. This feeling and worry immediately send out the signal to the universe that you are without. This fearful feeling has a frequency which kills your attraction dead.

It’s most sad vision of fear. The one who is too afraid to dream because he/she does not feel deserving of greater things. Its all too common that people won’t make an effort to dream themselves out of difficult situations because they truly believe that the pain and suffering they are experiencing is well deserved. People who think like this will never master the Law of Attraction to their benefits. After all they are once again resonating with their pain and suffering rather than freedom.