Law of Attraction – 5 Strategies That Will Bring More Luck Into Your Life

When we talk about bad luck, we are thinking about unfortunate events that are seemingly out of our control. From losing out in a talent show to not winning on the lottery, luck seemingly, ‘plays its part’, and prevents us from achieving the result we want.

When it comes to good luck, this may seem a rarer phenomenon. However, when we do experience good luck, we are happy to call it just that, and accept it with good grace.

It is possible to actually determine how much good luck you get in your life. This article outlines five strategies that push you closer to situations and events that are fortunate or that contain ‘good luck’. Follow each strategy, and you will see a positive impact in your life.

1. Pay Attention.

This strategy asks that you are mindful of everything that goes on around you. This will ensure that all of those opportunities that are out there that people call ‘good luck’ are picked up and acted upon by you. So if you overhear someone talking about a promotion that is imminent, get to work on your preparation for it immediately. Or if you hear that there is a company out there that you have stocks in, and their profits fell last quarter, think about jumping ship. Observation is key, and missing out on the signs can lead to ‘bad luck’.

2. Use Your Intuition.

Studies show that those who listen to their instinct have better luck than others. Follow your instincts in all things, nine times out of ten it is an inner voice speaking to you, one that has absorbed information for making decisions. If something feels right, do it. If it doesn’t, don’t.

3. Expect It.

Expect good luck and it shall come. Linked to the Law of Attraction, this principle states that if you expect things to turn out right, they often will, or you at least will be able to see opportunities that you can act upon to make good luck come your way. Do not focus on the negative, and you can expect to have good luck.

4. Add Spice.

Inject some variety into your life. The more you open up to new experiences, the more you will be exposed to situations that will bring you good results, or people that will do the same. These are never chance meetings or events. If you choose to add variety to your life, you will encounter new experiences, many of them positive.

5. Look on the Bright Side

A crucial element this. If anything comes your way that seems like bad luck, look on the bright side of the situation. While this is not always possible in all situations, it is for many. The more you do this, the more your mind will bring opportunities to you that you can convert into ‘good luck’.

The idea is to open yourself to new opportunities, and recognise these opportunities. And this involves following steps like those outlined above. Open your mind and be aware, and then you will find yourself experiencing more of what people call ‘good luck’