How You Can Manifest 10 Thousand Dollars in 30 Days

How would you like to manifest ten thousand dollars in thirty days? If you believe that you can then you will, however if you are skeptical that the results will be in your favor then you have already lost. Challenge yourself!

Surprise, surprise but the first reason why most people fail to manifest what they want is that they are not clear about what they want. Don’t be iffy about it. Be clear and specific about it.

If all you is money you may not be as motivated to attracting it. What you want is not the money per say but what you will do with the money. We are all driven by our purpose to achieve something concrete with our desires. Knowing why you want to manifest something will be your motivation for sticking with the steps to manifesting it.

You know those teachers that tell you five minutes alone is all it takes to manifest? Well five minutes of mental training is simply reminding yourself, its not manifesting. If you take the time to learn the universal laws and the nature of how reality responds to your predominant though patterns you will be eager to learn the true manifesting techniques. Knowledge is absolute power. Action without power is empty; however action with right knowledge yields precision. Precision is power! Prepare yourself for a daily manifesting practice of easy techniques to maximize your mental power. This should be fun and you should look forward to it and it should be done daily.

If you were going on a diet you would most likely get a journal and mark your results. Well anyone who has gained success with dieting knows that the fastest results come when you make yourself accountable by marking your results and tracking your daily actions. This cannot be stressed enough. You may be surprise how easy it is to skip several days without realizing it. Imagine applying that same attitude to dieting, what would be the result? You eat healthy food today and bad food all week long. The result would be NOTHING GAINED. Manifesting takes the same discipline

Spiritual power requires that you know of and move into the sacred spirit of greater spiritual essence. As you learn these sacred ways your intentions are increased and your results are more powerful and come faster. This can make all the difference in how well or how fast you manifest and the results are phenomenally power. It does what affirmations and visualization alone simply cannot do.