The Secret to Manifesting Everything You Desire

Many people have read the best selling The Secret book. In this book the writer/author discusses a way to how to have everything you want. If you just think about what you want, you can have it, that’s the idea. Everything the book discusses is true. However, many people don’t do anything more than just think about it and that’s why they don’t receive everything they want. You see, the Law of Attraction has three steps to it not just the one that The Secret discusses.

The first step to manifesting everything that you desire is to focus on what you want. Make sure that what you are focusing on makes you feel good inside. While you are thinking about what you want, close your eyes and feel what emotion you are feeling. If the feeling is a good feeling, a positive feeling, then you are attracting what you desire. If however it feels bad in any way then you are attracting that which you do not want. Any negative feeling means that you are focusing on pushing away, something you do not want instead of focusing on attracting what you do want.

Here’s an demonstration. Someone is sick. They decide to focus on not being ill anymore. They focus. They check their emotions and they feel a negative feeling inside. This is because they’re focusing on illness not health. They should reverse the focus, focus on being perfectly healthy. This is something the person desires more of versus wanting less illness. The person again focuses, this time on being perfectly healthy. Checks the feelings and finds that he or she feels a positive feeling inside. Now they are attracting that which they truly want, health. However this is only the first step to manifesting health.

The second step requires no effort on your part. This is the part that the law of attraction handles. When you read The Secret you’ll find that it skips this step and the next step so pay close attention. Step two is simply to let the law of attraction do what it is designed to do, bring you whatever you are giving your attention to. This law always works. The law of attraction must bring you what you are giving your attention to without exception. It may not be what you desire because you’re focusing on what you do not want however the law attraction must bring you exactly what you are giving your attention to.

The last step is to allow what you desire to come into your life. Just desiring something and then turning it over to the law of attraction is not adequate, you must also allow the results into your life. This is the most overlooked step in the law attraction and is quite often the reason why people do not manifest what they desire.

Simply said, you have to notice when the universe is granting your desire. Look at this example. Someone wants more money in their life. They focus on it and it feels good. They turn it over to the universe and now they wait. The next day, while talking, someone mentions that a shop down the street is looking for help. The person who desiring more money can take advantage of this opportunity and allow more money into their life through a job at the store or they can ignore it. You see, the secret of manifesting is to recognize that the results of your desires are not going to show up with a big brass band announcing the achievement. The law attraction works much more subtly than that. You have to notice when the good is coming into your life and take advantage of it.

Do all three of the steps and you will find yourself manifesting everything that you desire.

Happy manifesting