A Special Way to Manifest Anything – Give Thanks in Advance

When you’re manifesting something through your creative thoughts, thanking in advance can be very powerful. “Thank you for my perfect work.” or “Thank you for my great healing “or “Thank you for so many clients” can be a great way to manifest your next step. You can give thanks in advance even before the physical appearance has made its way into your life.

If you understand that your wishes already exist in manifested form on another level (which I call “the upper room”), you can operate from this realization. Then what you need to do is to “download” your next step. It’s that your ship has come in, but you need to unload it. That’s better than standing on the shore waiting for your ship to appear on the horizon. Your ship is already here.

The gifts are ready to receive. If your arms are open for them and you have faith in the download process, you can open yourself to a greater life.

When you say, “I give thanks for my (whatever you’re creating in your life)”, it demonstrates your faith that there is a bridge from the unseen universe to the seen world and that the bridge from the great universe to you is working for you in your life.

It says to the universe, “I acknowledge that something powerful and wonderful is here for me, and I allow it to manifest in my life. So, thank you!” Gratitude is a very high vibrational state, and because your vibrations are electrical and magnetic, when you’re grateful, you magnetize into your life the highest possible manifestations. Sound like a universal law you’re familiar with? Of course. The next step is to demonstrate it in your life.

One woman wrote to me and told me of her experience. She had written to me a few months ago and asked me to pray for her. She had to move out of her home, and she had no idea where she’d go. She was anxious, to say the least. But that soon changed.

She said, “Yes, I use thanking in advance daily. Looks like it really worked as I find myself in my wonderful, beautiful, quiet, astoundingly spacious, new palace. Just happened to cross my friend’s path at the farmers market and asked her if she had anything up at her place. Turns out YES!!!! It’s a 3600 sq ft solar powered retreat center on 73 acres. The place has a yurt and a retreat/movement room and a huge kitchen.

Every day I marvel at how this worked out. I’m now here and loving it. What I had said to myself was, ‘SOMETHING WONDERFUL IS HAPPENING. I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT IT IS YET!’ I give thanks in advance.”