Reflection & Radiance as the New Year Dawns

Holidays have come and gone;

Birthdays came to fast or went to slow;

Spring was here; with fresh flowers and smells everywhere;

Heating up to the summer sun; where all the fun begun;

Vacations, swimming at the pool; we all have our ways of keeping cool.

Hopefully, you all know how to relax by taking breaks from everyday tasks.

For those of you who like to work the whole way through;

Fall becomes a new incentive program for you.

Before you know it, the year has come and past;

The winter winds blow in with those winter blasts.

Reflecting on family, friends, those we’ve known; and,

Those who were added to our associate-friend list have grown.

Adding up our costs, looking at our loss,

Looking what we’ve had gained along the way = Balancing.

Yes, balancing, it is what we need to do to see the best in me and you.

Pondering over all the things above,

By looking forward to this year to end and ushering a new one in,

January “2008” we anticipate to begin.

Celebrating the year as it closes like the setting of the sun;

The year “2008” rolls in with:

Parties, balls dropping, fireworks popping; and tons of fun;

Dawning us into the presence of a fresh New Year.

History states…Resolutions shall we make; within about 2 weeks we shall break.

No matter what; there’s a fresh new start about to take flight for our sakes.

The plane is launched, takeoff is in sight;

May this year take you further than you ever thought it might.



Pondering over the things of our character or being that needs changed; the beginning of looking in our own man in mirror, “hoping & requesting a change.” Yes, a good start for a “New Year,” by weighing out the things in our own stature in comparison to someone else’s. Man has a tendency to look at the reflection of others throughout the rest of the year. Why not, start the New Year by looking at our own internal reflection. When we look at ourselves, we leave everyone’s externals alone.

Yes, we’re different beyond compare; like snowflakes everywhere. But, how many times have you heard people taking one snowflake to examination to only find that snowflake was defective. The melting effect would have beaten you before your mouth could have added the negative, discouraging, disapproval of that individual snowflake. So, when pondering over words, let them melt in the roof of your own mouth. Be positive, be encouraging, see people as individuals that are totally unique and were meant to be that way. Let those words flood out your mouth, like the ocean tide, bringing refreshing to people inside. See yourself; AS SPECIAL, beyond compare.

Grab a vision for your life. See the picture in your mind of the changes to come. Hold on to that picture; and, let it propel you forward just as an athlete competes for a prize. Yes, sometimes, our goals and visions fall, but be of good courage and be strong. Get back up, dust yourself off, take a deep breath; and go for it again. You were created to win and succeed which is the definition of “success”. The difference between a successful person and the one who isn’t successful is that the unsuccessful person chooses never to get back up and quits in the process of trying. The successful person may fall down a billion times; but determines in his mind to get back up. I encourage you to make your “motto” for the New Year…..”A winner never quits & a quitter never wins.” May the spirit of determination see you through this year and many years to come!

Consequently, if it takes you 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years, or 20 years to incorporate a change….DON’T QUIT TRYING!!!” It might look like things aren’t changing within you; but, know a butterfly is not transformed in a moment but overtime. Wrapped up in a cocoon till spring arises (or your new season of your life arises), changes are occurring. Be patient with yourself for you surely will bloom in the “Spring Season” of your life if you don’t lose hope along the way. Yes, a “New Year” to embark “New Things.” May you all have a “blessed” New Year “up and above” all you could think or imagine your life to be. Make the most of your life. Make every moment count. Take nothing for granted; but, be thankful for the things that have been granted; and, the things that have already been accomplished in your own life. Take inventory of all the things you have hurdled through in life; and been victorious. If you have come through before; you can come through again. See yourself as a winner. It matters what you think about yourself. Be proud of yourself without a puffed up haughty attitude. No matter what others think, the true reflection comes from the inside of you. Your own approval of yourself, it matters. Let it shine!!!


The year “2008” shall come in like a lightning bolt with great magnitude, force, and brilliance. Many of you have been seeking breakthroughs in your life. Don’t let go of your expectations. As a lightning bolt strikes in darkness and brings much power and light for all to see, may you see this as a sword being launched for your own breakthrough.

Much anticipation should arise in your spirit as the year “2008” rolls around. The number “8” stands for new beginnings. Many new beginnings should arise in this coming New Year. Shake off the old, shake off the dust, shake off disappointments, shake off your past failures, shake off false words spoken against you, shake off your old life, and get ready for something new. Put your mind into a state that is able to receive up and beyond what you could ever imagine for your life. Put your mind into a state to be able to dream. Let your childhood dreams come back to life. Let your dreams awakening. For the time is near, wake up. There is a new time and season waiting to come in.

Okay, after talking to many people, I have found that many people are not even in touch with who they are and yet dreams are just something they do at night. People have shelved their dreams into a box called “I forget.” They have lived their lives in a logical way which made sense to pay their bills, send their kids to college, put food on the table, and they endured their “jobs” out of selflessness. Please hear me right, I’m not in disagreement with this. I totally believe in being responsible for what is on your plate. However, the time is near, to dream again. Open up your mind, to be able to do what is the logical sense into a world that is just what you were destined to do.

How many of you have spent 30 years doing a job you hate just for the money? When the world closes for the day or you retire, is it then when you actually say to yourself, “Wow, now I get to do all the things I had in my heart to do because I have the time to do it.” Hopefully, you’ll remember what they were and be of great physical condition to do them. Well, in America, you all know our physical stance so the odds are against you if this is what you believe unless you are very athletic.

My point here in all this is: Why not incorporate our dreams with our logic until our dreams become a reality that will take care of the logical sense of our living. Start somewhere to open up your fields to embrace a new outlet for yourself. Do something for you because you have it in you to do. Baby steps are better than no steps at all. Babies eventually walk, babies eventually talk, babies eventually play, and babies eventually grow up. So get pregnant with a dream, and let that dream develop into a fetus, birth that dream, and allow that dream to become a part of you. Step out of your comfort zone. Even if it feels awkward like a baby walking for the first time, with practice you’ll master it. You’ll take the walking shoes off and you’ll be running with vision like never before.

Maybe some of you don’t even know where to start. That’s okay; it’s a good place to be. Find a solace place and just get quiet. Say a prayer and let your insides come alive. Listen, to the voice within you. That gut feeling you used to have as a child. You know the one that your mother always told you to listen to your internal instinct. There is a still, quiet voice, waiting to speak direction to you. Be quiet and open up your eyes and your ears to hear it. You have to turn on the switch if you ever expect the power to go on. Some of us have buried the switch, and we don’t know how to find it anymore. Just become still, and uncover the sound within you. It’s the deep cries within you that you have been out of touch with in a long time.

On the other side of this coin, “Don’t take candy from strangers!” If the voice sounds like that, run from it. This voice is very loud and appealing; trickery is the name of his game. It’s called the “Booby Trap Game.” If that’s the sound you hear switch it off, and remove its enticing thoughts from your mind. For example, robbing a bank definitely is not a dream or an answer. It’s really that simple.


As we embrace and walk out the year of 2008, the year 2009 will be like a farmer going to his field to gather up his crops for the harvest. Much work was put into his field, and much fruit or crops will come out of his field in the time of gathering. The number “9” stands for fruitfulness and fullness. Get a revelation of what I’m saying.

The year “2008” is the year to start to develop or manifest some hidden dreams and desires and purposes for your life. It may take some hard work, it may take some perseverance, it may take you working a double shift from your logical job to working out details of your dream job, it may take some resources that haven’t been used for a long time.

Consequently, whatever it takes, make up your mind now to put your hand to the plow and go forward. Don’t look back, much awaits you if you just push through and keep pushing through. There is a mighty field of fruit that waits for you to do what you were called and destined to do. Time is of essence, so please don’t put off your dreams and desires another day. Crops are not planted in winter time. The season is ripe, the fields are ready, is the worker ready to put his hand to the planting? That’s my question to you. May this inspire you to be all you were created to be; a masterpiece in the making.