Kali the Goddess

Kali is the powerful manifestation of the balance between the feminine and the masculine principles of nature. Her physical manifestation inspires fear in the minds of the uninitiated but for people who have surrendered to her with all passion and dedication she reveals her true self and she shows the meaning of her manifestation. She takes her devotee through the true path of enlightenment and salvation.

Kali is an absolute Goddess of War and her physical manifestation was to destroy the demons and the negative forces of nature. This became necessary because of the extreme manifestation of the devilish forces which used the masculine force of ruthless action, self-interest, lust, anger, self-ego, jealousy, manipulations and exploitations to destroy the perfect balance of feminine and the masculine forces of nature. In this kind of scenario the greatest sufferings were taken by women in the hands of these devilish forces.

Goddess manifested in terrible form full of masculine vigor of anger and action to counter the devilish forces of nature. In spiritual warfare it is said that you don’t use your force to fight the enemy but utilize the force and energy of the enemy to destroy the enemy. Kali is the supreme example of that forceful masculine energy manifested. But after the complete annihilation and destruction of the negative forces she had to be stopped and for this her feminine principle was evoked by Shiva. This feminine energy that manifested from her was full of love, compassion and the ultimate creative and generative forces of nature. Thus Goddess along with Shiva led to the recreation and reestablishment of the balance in the universe.

Her being and her true manifestation need to be understood in today’s circumstances where we can see the same kind of devilish forces using the masculine principle to create havoc in the world and nature. Here the requirement is for collective manifestation of Goddess Kali to destroy the devilish masculine forces and then manifest the feminine forces of creation and regeneration from deep inside us. Goddess calls upon us to undergo a profound transformation from within so that we can achieve her purpose of restoring the balance of the feminine and masculine forces of nature.