Manifesting Like Christ

Jesus taught in many lessons that we could create miracles as he did. Always the emphasis was on the need to believe. I would imagine that Jesus was internally wired with an incredible belief system. However not one that was impossible for the rest of us to acquire. Otherwise he would not have insisted that we also would someday be able to do all that he was then capable of doing.

A person’s belief is the absolute foundation for what they will ultimately manifest in their life. Belief is spoken of so casually that we have become numb to it or we dismiss it when other say, “You can do it if only you believe.”

Belief is a tremendous part of the manifesting equation that cannot be dismissed along the way to attracting what you want. It is a must learn technique in order to master the manifesting process.

The reason why most people fail to manifest their desires is that they do not fully believe or they overlook the importance of developing a new belief system.

When you learn to alter your belief you can:

1) Create phenomenal healing

2) Manifest automatically

3) Create miracles

4) Change anything about yourself without struggling

Can you develop a new belief that you are Christ like? Can you believe that within you there are untapped reservoirs of raw power that can create amazing super human things?

The first step to altering your belief is to begin asking yourself a series of questions. You first need to know just why you believe what it is you now belief. Knowing what you believe is the first step to changing your beliefs and your super human abilities.