The Law of Attraction – Finding and Living Your Life’s Purpose

To find your life’s purpose you need look no further than the law of attraction. Why? because by learning about how your reality is formed and how to use the law of attraction you will explore, understand and choose your life’s purpose.

To understand the law of attraction is to understand the true nature of reality and that is where you will find and understand yourself. By exploring how this reality is formed, how your thoughts form into events you will take a journey into the nature of reality that will transform you, not only within this life but beyond it too, in doing so you understand your true identity.

The purpose of our lives can be spelt out with word like love and healing, happiness and joy but these are just shallow representations of the true reality that is trying to be expressed. To express your purpose you must live it, not just be able to write it and in the living of your life exploring how you form your reality you will discover the purpose of your existence, not only within the physical life that you are presently aware of.

The purpose of your life does not lie within the confines of the physical reality, it exists within the heart of your limitless identity, and identity that is immortal and timeless, even through the years of your life. When you dig deeper into your true creativity and ability to form events you will discover that creativity and expression are parts of your purpose and so you have the ability to form events within the physical life you know, this is the law of attraction.

The challenge in discovering your purpose is that it does not lie within your job, role or your marital status but with an aspect yourself that must first be discovered and in order to discover it you must be willing to let go of the titles and frameworks that have formed your life up to this point.

The law of attraction and its use forces us all to break down the limiting beliefs and to let go of the roles that we hold so dear in our lives. The law of attraction also forces us to consider what our lives are about, to choose what we want rather than what we ‘should’ have or what our parents or society tells us.

In discovering the law of attraction you will discover yourself and in doing so you will live your greatest adventure and this will become your purpose: being you and consciously creating the life you want with love, passion, power and joy.