Law of Attraction – Three-Mistakes People Make

If you don’t think the Law of Attraction works – or works for you – you probably just don’t fully understand this ancient wisdom. Even people who do claim to understand what the Law of Attraction is still make a few very common mistakes. Mistakes, where the Law of Attraction is concerned, are merely mis-perceptions – or, perceptions that don’t give you quite the “view” you were hoping for.

The most common mistake people make is noticing, judging, and commenting on current conditions. Stating the obvious is not only unnecessary; it is a sure-fire way to create and experience more of the same conditions in the future. If you are using the Law of Attraction to your benefit, you are thinking and talking creatively and positively about what you want – not negatively about what you don’t want.

Another common mistake people make is in thinking that the Law of Attraction is something they can turn-on and turn-off at will. Some people think that they can be negative and judgmental most of the time, and then utter a few “positive-words” about one of their desires and have it fall out of the sky. It doesn’t work that way; there simply isn’t a “switch” that allows you to be negative most of the time and have positive things happen to you on a regular basis.

The Law of Attraction is not the same as “Coulomb’s Law;” it is probably better described – if you must have a scientific basis for everything you do – by the “Law of Attraction” from Sympathetic Vibratory Physics. This “Law of Attraction” states that, “Juxtaposed coherent aggregates vibrating in harmony, or concordant ratio, are mutually attracted.” In other words, opposites don’t really attract; and, acting as if they do is another way people end up with chaotic and confused lives. Do not “oppose” that which you wish to attract; heed the words of Gandhi and “become the change you seek.”

If you’re learning, you’re growing; so, truly there are no mistakes – only opportunities for new learning and growth. But, there are ways of thinking that are more productive, useful, beneficial, and effective uses of your time than stating the obvious, complaining, or being contrary. Look for opportunities to use Attraction in your favor, not by resisting or opposing, but by deciding to become a full-time attractor – always willing to receive that which you have set your mind and heart on. If you can stay in a non-judgmental state of positive expectancy, and not worry too much about “how” things should or might happen, you just might be surprised at how effective you can work with the Law of Attraction.