How to Make Your Ideas Manifest

WHAT IS AN IDEA: The Oxford English Mini dictionary defines ‘idea’ as a plan e.t.c formed in the mind; an opinion; a mental impression or a vague belief. From the forgoing, we can establish that idea is simply a thing of the mind. Thoughts that flows from our mind, either consciously or unconsciously.

IDEA AND PLANNING: The fact cannot be denied that idea has to do with planing. Both as a symbiotic relationship. Planing in itself has to do with written plans for all our dreams and ambition. For instance, if i go this way, and things seems not to work, what else can i do? this is a thought that has to do with planning. With planning even our prayers reduces. The way we ret bothered and worried over situations and and issues get minimized.


1. It helps our idea to be realistic.

2. It is a sign of a focused and serious leadership.

3. It makes ones journey or ambition to be achieved easily.

MAKE YOUR IDEAS MANIFEST: It is a life fulfilling experience for you to see in physical manifestation, the things that were once thought as idea in your mind. Therefore, it is good to focus your mind on your core area of specialization. i.e those areas that you know you can hardly fail. Nothing moves until you move. Start doing and taking steps on things that are needed to be done. Lastly, giving to God isn’t a gateway to divine idea and success in life.