The Missing Piece of How to Manifest Happiness, Money, a Relationship, Or Whatever You Want

Many people who offer processes using The Law of Attraction to create the things in your life that you believe will make you happy, talk about how important it is to project positive thoughts. I would strongly agree. There are a few points though, that have been overlooked. At present we are living a life experience that is limited by time and space so we don’t see the instant manifestation of our thoughts. During this time we can either think more positive thoughts about what it is that we want, get excited about its arrival, play with the feelings of how great it will be when it arrives or, we can get frustrated and keep noticing that it hasn’t arrived yet.

All too often we get caught up in noticing that what we have asked for hasn’t arrived yet. “I asked for what I want so why hasn’t it arrived? ” I know I have been focusing on positive aspects of my life so where’s my stuff?” I know I was clear with what I asked for and I have been focusing on the fun feelings, how good it will be and I have been working really hard at it, so where is it?” “I have done a vision board, I have been trying really hard to stay positive but it’s not here yet”. These are the very thoughts that will keep your desires from coming.

You can get caught up with trying so hard to do the right thing that it becomes a struggle in itself and therefore becomes counter productive. Fear not. When you catch yourself doing this just laugh and realize that you need to release the “trying”. Be easy on yourself and realize that all you have been doing with the struggling is sending off more requests to the manager of the Universe for what you want. No problem, just let go and relax more.

The key is to be playful and have fun with it all. Do the imagery work of seeing yourself with the things you want just because it “feels good” and for no other reason. When it becomes “work” you’ve moved into struggle and you begin to block the delivery process.

The main aim is always to do whatever you do for the joy of it, not to make something happen.

When joy is your focus you are not resisting the delivery process and the Universe is able to deliver your requests. All the imagery work, visualization, joyous memories, playful actions and thoughts are all designed with one purpose in mind, to distract you from thoughts that prevent the Universe from delivering all that you want. Your success is determined by your ability to get out of your own way. You are the only one who can think your thoughts so you are the only one who can prevent what you want from coming to you..

When you think worrying negative thoughts you are noticing a lack of some sort. By doing this you attract more of the lack you have just noticed. When you think positive uplifting thoughts you are allowing things that match those thoughts to manifest. Remember, whatever you are giving your attention to will be drawn to you. You are like a big magnet. When you notice the lack of something in your life and decide to do some “work” to change things for the better your point of attraction is lack based. When you notice something you don’t want and you decide to do something just to feel better about your present situation, you are reaching for relief and moving “toward” something rather than running “away” from something. The question you always have to ask yourself is “what can I do right here and now to feel better?”

So when you catch yourself “trying hard” relax and laugh and let go of the “trying” and get back into allowing the delivery process to take its course. It’s the determined trying hard to change things that keeps them from manifesting. Let go of the struggle and allow the joys around you to be part of the Universal delivery process. Joy and ease are the big guiding sign posts. When you are looking forward to happy joyful thoughts or remembering wonderful things just because it feels good to do so, you know you are in the allowing process and on a fast track to seeing the Universe knock itself out on your behalf to bring you what you have asked for. Run toward what you want just because it feels good and before you know it you will be happy on the way to receiving that thing that you thought would make you happy.

Happy on the way to being happy…it doesn’t get better than that.