The Law of Attraction Action

There are two types of action when using the Law of Attraction to manifest your dreams and desires. The first type of action is physical action and the second is non-physical action.

This type of action is what is most commonly used to get something that you want. Let’s say for example, you are out of milk and require some more. So you pop down to your local supermarket and pick up some more milk. This is physical action. You made a decision that the supermarket was the best place to buy your milk from, so you went cash in hand down there to buy some more.

Let’s look at another example. You have set yourself a goal of creating $100,000 by the end of the year. You’re currently only used to making $25,000 per year so this is quite a big jump. However you’ve heard from friends that it is all about taking action. But not just any kind of action – oh no! – You must take “massive” action!

So you go out and work yourself to the ground doing everything you can think of to make this money. Doors aren’t opening where you want them to, people aren’t helping you the way you would like and the money isn’t coming in as quick as you expected it!

The physical action is the action that you take in the physical world to receive dreams and desires. On its own, physical action is next to useless. However when combined with non-physical action it becomes inspired action.

This is the behind the scenes work that most do not realise needs to be done. This action is commonly referred to as mind-work. It’s the stuff you do to get into resonance with what you’ve been wanting.

Non-physical action is usually pretending, dreaming and thinking. Similar to physical action, if non-physical action is used on its own then it is entirely useless. You cannot sit in a cave and meditate all day and expect a bag of gold to fall out of the sky.

You can however use non-physical action to become so in harmony with your goals, dreams and desires that when you go out into the physical world you will be inspired to take physical action that will result in your desires becoming a reality.

Here are some examples of non-physical action:


Both types of action must be implemented in order to manifest your desires. I recommend that you start your manifestation process by doing both. Take the action in the world that you think is necessary and feels right for you to do, whilst also take non-physical action and dream your desires into being.

As you move along, you’ll begin to discover that the universe is always yielding to you new inspirations or ideas on how to move forward. This is the inspired action I mentioned earlier. Inspired action feels brilliant, it feels amazing and it feels right!

The only way of describing inspired action is; you will just know it’s the right thing to do.

Follow that instinctive reaction of wanting to follow the inspiration and go with the flow. Have as much fun as you can along the journey! Enjoy the experience and enjoy all of the action.

If something doesn’t feel like it’s the right thing to do, then do not do it. Your feelings are the best indication of whether you are moving towards something that will bring you more joy or not.

If it feels good then choose it!