The “What If… Why Not?” Game

We all know how much more productive, fun, and useful games are when used in conjunction with different situations in life. A game is entertaining and gets the message we are trying to pass on much easier, especially if the message is not an easy one. Now, using the Law of Attraction, one can see that as simple as it is, it is not at all that easy. There are 3 steps to the Law of Attraction that you must follow to be able to manifest that which your heart desires. In a simplified way they are: ask, get out of the way, and manifest.

The asking part is easy: you know exactly what you wish to be, do or have. There are many ways you can ask, the more effective being for instance, to write your list, to pray, to meditate and to visualize it. Then comes the hardest part: getting out of the way. This is nothing more nothing less than letting go of resistance. Nothing will happen if, in the back of your mind, you keep thinking that “this is not going to happen,” “this happens only to other people,” “who am I kidding,” etc. You get out of the way by relaxing in the knowing that yes, if it happens to other people, it can happen to you as well. So again, the difficulty of this step lies in the fact that no matter how much you affirm that this can happen to you, if your “monkey mind” tells you otherwise, you will never be able to manifest it.

And finally, comes the second hardest part, the one in which you have to open to receive, you have to believe that you are worth of receiving, that you truly deserves receiving and that the manifestation of your desires is your birthright. Here again the point is to be able to believe that indeed you are a good person, no matter what people say, or used to say, about you and no matter how severely you criticize yourself. Enter the “What if… Why Not?” game. The aim of this game is to simply help you with phases 2 and 3 of the Law of Attraction process. “What if…” relates to the allowance, the get out of the way part. When you ask a question, you are not judging if it is going to work or not. You are just stating a possibility and there is no way your conscious mind will reject it. After all, it is just a conjecture.

Examples of “What if…” questions:What if my credit cards are paid in full?What if I have a job that is really meaningful to me?What if I own a house in this great place?What if my body sheds those 30 extra pounds?What if the perfect partner happens in my life? See here that you are not putting yourself as doing the action–the perfect partner, the beautiful house, the shedding of 30lbs, etc. This is done to open even more your doors your life’s immense possibilities. After all, it is not you who are doing the work, but something else is about to manifest in your life. You know, it is one less ammunition to your conscious mind.

Now, the second question of the game is: “Why Not?” This one refers to the third part of the Law of Attraction process. When you ask this question, you are in fact saying: yeah, all right… if this happens to other people, it can happen to me too. If others have their dream house, their perfect partners, their absolutely fantastic jobs, a beautiful body, and so on, so can I. Why Not? Now you are open to receive. So now you can start to play the game immediately. Ask yourself: What if when I play this game I start opening myself to really manifest my deepest wishes? And conclude with: Why not?