Law of Attraction and the Secret – The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Have you noticed that the phrases The Secret and the Law of Attraction have become interchangeable since the launch of the movie The Secret in March 2006?

On the up side, The Secret has opened millions of minds to what was previously an ‘underground teaching’ followed mostly the new-age movement. Better still, it inspired people to try out visualization techniques and dream bigger, which can only be a good thing. Several friends of mine will even testify that the movie was a pivotal turning point in their lives…

Everything, including The Secret, has its flip side – a negative to balance the positive.

Most notably, thousands of people are left wondering why they are still battling to manifest more than just empty parking spaces using the law of attraction.

The Secret has led people to believe that their results are a product of some force outside of themselves, not a product their own efforts. Often, these people are secretly hoping that the Law Of Attraction will magically manifest their success for them without them having to actually do anything outside their comfort zone.

They want results from the law of attraction, yet they are not willing to actually DO anything to get those results. They want their brand new red Ferrari to be given to them by

in the sky somewhere!

Let me ask you a question… Do you know ANYONE who you would consider super-successful, who became successful by sitting at home wishing for success?

Of course not!

Sadly, if not properly educated about how the law of attraction really works, the

either end up blaming themselves for their perceived failure or writing off the law of attraction altogether – Neither of which moves them forward in life.

The moral of the story is: Don’t believe the lies being spread on the internet about how the Law Of Attraction will somehow, magically solve all your problems.

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