Increase Your Manifesting With Cosmic Energy

Not many people know of the mystical abilities of Cosmic Energy. Neither are they aware of the magical abilities that it possesses in doing some absolutely powerful things in their lives.

Very many people are filled with fear when broached by a new idea such as this. However as time passes many of these once mysterious concepts are being discovered by scientist as a natural part of our existence.

Cosmic energy is higher frequency of energy in our atmosphere. It flows as a beautiful stream of light. Like the energy emitted from the sun or the moon which affects our daily lives so to does cosmic energy affect us. We can use our intention to call on this energy to move through us or we can send it out into whatever we like with the intention of having a positive effect directed to that thing.

At first it is necessary to put aside all judgment and to be in a free state of mind. Preferably it is best to be in a playful state of mind, not expecting but more observing the flow of energy with our intention. This detached stat of being is the way to always work with energy. It is never wise to force it nor should we be in a needy state. Being in a needy or forceful state disrupts the free flow of energy. In time with practice you will clearly be able to tell if you are being needy or pushy because you will feel that the energy has stopped moving.

It is important to know that this energy has intelligence as you and I, perhaps it has an even more advanced awareness. We can literally call on that energy and it will arrive speedily.

The benefits are outstanding. It can heal our body and shift disease from our body. We can use to bring about many changes in our lives and relationship with others. You can use it to clear up a bad headache, you can run it though your food before eating, it will not only enhance the flavor but it will increase the quality of energy that you gain from eating that food which you have run energy through. You may also use it to shift the flow of energy in your hope. When the environment is negative and there is a lot of tension you may also use to bring a more light hearted and relaxed space. There is no end to the many things you can do.

One of the most powerful ways in which you can use cosmic energy is in your inner meditations for manifesting. When you sit in meditation with your focus on manifesting what you can you can increase the effectiveness of your meditation by adding light. When you use light you raise the energy frequency of your inner meditation adding more power to it.

Where there is more power of energy your manifestations will increase in their power. What is even more amazing is that adding cosmic energy to your manifesting mediations also insures that what you focus on will move into y our life in an even greater way than you could even have imagined. The energy intensives everything many times over. What you get in return will supersede all of your dreams

So are you ready to learn just how to use this energy? In a simple exercise you can begin by going into a quite space where you will not be bothered. Get some music, preferably inspirational music with our lyrics. You want to keep your free from distractions found in song as their meaning will always full your mind to think of the song. You want something that will keep your mind free but relaxed and open.

Bear in mind there is no absolutely right or wrong way, however there in one must and that one step cannot be changed as all the others. That step requires that you imagine a stream of light flowing through your body. Starting with the top of your head see and feel that light moving down through your body. Enjoy it as you can imagine that you are beneath a cascading flow of water except this is light. Be mindful of how your body feels and you bath in this light. Become mindful of how your body feels, Do you feel warm or are you feeling cold? Are there any particular sensations in your body?

When you have become filled and feel yourself alive you may then focus on a thing you want to manifest in your life. Decide clearly what it is you want and fix it clearly in your mind. As you allow yourself to experience that thing let the light within you flow out toward that thing. Become excited and hold the energy between you and your desire.

Remember never to force of be needy just hold a calm enjoyment of the energy and observe what it does. Different people have different responses to this energy. Some people are quite sensitive to it immediately while others are not able to feel anything, while those very people are later able to tell you all the effects that have occurred during their day as a result of using this energy.

Most people are able to handle higher amounts of stress on the days that this mediation is performed. Some have experiences the clearing away of cold symptoms rapidly. The list of positives are numerous. The ideal way would be use do this meditation every day. Even a few minutes first thing in the morning will enhance a person’s day greatly. It is so powerful that you life will have new meaning, it literally will.