3 Keys to Manifesting Abundance Now

If you are poor and unable to manifest more money or greater freedom you can start with these three meditations to increase your manifesting. Every bit of knowledge which expands your present state of awareness should be studied and contemplated.

It’s rather comical that those people who have embraced the law of attraction easily renounce the small things in life. Placing one thing over another isn’t always the best way to go. For example how many times have you walked over a dime thinking that it’s just not the million dollars that you have been deeply hoping to manifest?

People do it all the time. They have hopes to attract more money but when an opportunity comes up in which they can make two hundred dollars a month they toss it aside as not their pie in the sky dream they were hoping to manifest.

Yes you have heard that the law of attraction will bring you whatever you want, whenever you want. Have you really been getting whatever you want whenever you want? The secret is, you can only attract to you what you first become. You can attract a million dollars quickly if you are diligent in staying the course by taking the small steps towards those million dollars. The man who manifested a million dollars sales kept steadily in alignment with his practice and followed even the small hunches. He discovered that the seemly small hunches led to big rewards.

The law of attraction does not always work in one big bang. Lets say that you have only been able to manifest one thousand dollars today, just by having that thousand dollars it will draw unto itself another thousand. You see you get more of what you already have. It becomes easier to get greater as you climb the ladder.

You can start to embrace money on all levels. You may not be aware of your inner turmoil towards money. The struggle to get more of it, the struggle of not having enough, the dishonoring of one penny, all this is conflict that actually respells money.

Have you ever thought of the fact that it takes one hundred pennies to make up one dollar and it takes one million dollar bills to make up one million dollars? You see it’s to your advantage to honor each and every small thing as those small things yield large quantities. It’s a simple concept but one which needs reminding. Besides if you feel happy to have one dollar that happy feeling only activates the law of attraction to bring you more dollars.