The Manifesting Secret Which Made the Old Man Rich

Many years ago when I was quite young I knew of an old school master. He was a very reclusive individual which made him quite mysterious. In his life he manifested many great and beautiful things. To see him was to see the true essence of the power to manifest because everyone knew that he had come from very poor beginnings. Even still his family lived in a very humble home, very humble compared to his extravagant home.

There were frequent whispers about him all the time. People were always curious to know how could just an ordinary school master acquire so much wealth on his salary. People would often accuse him of using magic to obtain the things he had.

One day I became friends with one of his adopted sons. I never dear asked him if the rumors about his father were true but luckily for me one day he told me this secret. He begged me not to ever tell. This is what he said, “My father can sit for hours just singing a sound and with that song he can get whatever he wants. He never has to go out, he never has to sweat. People will bring him money and land and it is the way he has gotten all he has.” Ah hah I thought, this man is doing magic I thought. So all the rumors were right!

I was too young and naïve at that time to understand the power to manifest in those days. It was all just magic to me. It was not until many years later when I dived deeper into my own spiritual practices did I come to understand the manifesting secret that this man was using.

It was the most power secret of sound mantras to shift and shape reality into existence. Later when I was given a most powerful manifesting mantra myself could I see how close to magic it really was.

Was it possible that this man could use only this one powerful manifesting tool to get what he wanted without ever leaving his home? My answer is a resounding yes. Can anyone and everyone do the same? My answer is maybe.

Not all sound mantras are the same, some are quite powerful that they should be guarded and used with care. What I do know about manifesting and reality is that reality is mysterious and magical and only when you become aware of this mystery and magic inside of it will you be able to open up to the more deeply aspects of it. Must you really move a limb in order to get the things you want? Some people will say yes and those people who insist that you must have no clue as to how magical reality really is.

Most people are still stuck in the physical aspect of life.