Intention – Your Core Desire to Manifesting Your Dreams

Intention is the birth of manifestation. What you intend for your life, is what you will manifest. Intention and desire are based on the concept that energy and information exist everywhere in the Universe. This Universal Law makes up what scientists refer to as the quantum field. This quantum field exists as total energy or pure consciousness within each of us.

Your physical body is not separate from the body of the universe because the natural energy at the quantum level, does not distinguish between the two. In the world of the quantum field, you and your body are one with the universe. Science and physics have proven that at the molecular level, our bodies consist of pure energy; as do our thoughts, our emotions, our beliefs, our desires and memories. They are all based on the molecular and biological energy that gives off vibrations into the energy field of the universe. Thus you, I and every other human being that make up the universe, utilize the same basic energy language to communicate.

Conscious Change

By changing the energy and information level of your own consciousness, in your own body, you in essence influence your extended energy and informational field i.e. your environment. Once you are aware of the potential of this transformation, you can begin to manifest what you intend out into the world. You must first change the inside, before you can expect to change the outside or your world. Without changing the inside, your core belief and desire, you will not manifest the results that you intend. The reason for this is that your energy level does not consist of positive vibrations based on faith and trust, therefore, you will not attract the abundance that you desire, rather the scarcity that your energy level is operating at.

This conscious change is realized by the two levels inherent in consciousness, attention and intention. By placing your attention on your daily tasks and goals in the present, you energize your day and bring it to life. Whatever you focus your attention on will grow as positive energy over time. Intention on the other hand transforms energy into the future. When you are aware of what you have your attention on in the present, your intention going forward will be fulfilled.

Likewise, if your attention is focused on the things in your life that are not manifesting or negative energy, you will attract and manifest more negative energy into your world. You must trust and have faith that God and the Universe will provide whatever is needed into your life, when it is needed. We will discuss faith in more depth, in the next chapter.

The concept of intention is prefaced by asking God and the Universe for what it is that you wish to manifest into the world. You must remember however, that if you intend to manifest what you ask for, what you ask for cannot be self-serving, or it will never manifest. It must be unselfish, with the goal being to bring value to others by being of service to those that you touch.

Your intention should be based on your desire to make a difference in the world and in the lives of others. By serving others and providing them with abundance and prosperity, you serve yourself and bring unlimited abundance and prosperity to yourself. This is how the Principle of Intention works for those who take the time to understand it and believe in it.

Just Ask For It

Meditating is a means of expressing the Spirit through ourselves in a state of peace and harmony. For years now, I’ve started my day meditating for approximately 30 to 40 minutes every morning. Meditation provides me with a powerful sense of self, as well as an inner peace and the ability to really focus on my intentions. I can promise you that if you decide to start your day in this manner, you will see a difference in who you are being and how you see, not only the world but more importantly, your world. You will receive more clarity in regard to your intentions and attracting the people and events into your life, that will enable you to manifest your intentions into existence.

Being Thankful and Grateful

I mediate in three specific spiritual spheres; “Being Thankful & Grateful, I Ask and I Am.” Let’s talk for a moment about what these three categories mean, as they relate to intention and manifestation.

I start off with “Being Thankful & Grateful,” because the concept of being thankful and grateful is so powerful and at the same time very humbling. I believe at my core level that God and the Universe will not provide you with additional abundance and prosperity in your life, unless you are grateful and thankful for what you already have. And even if they did, based on who you are being in the moment, you probably wouldn’t recognize the grace being provided.

But there’s also a powerful benefit to you once you begin to focus on what you have versus what you don’t have and that is, you become more joyful and peaceful; you attain a spirit of harmony and happiness that you probably haven’t experienced since you were a child. With this appreciation for who and what you have in your life, the door of possibility opens for more.

I Ask

“I Ask,” is a preface for what you intend to manifest. God wants us to have whatever it is that we desire, as long as its intention is for the good of all, for mankind, not just yourself. By asking God for him to bless your intentions, you are humbling yourself and acknowledging to him that you cannot manifest your dreams and intentions without his help. The Law of Attraction is the Universe’s way of empowering you to manifest the prosperity that God has offered you.

If you want to manifest wealth, prosperity or happiness, it is yours for the asking but you must give something for it in return. It may be sacrifice, money, hard work, providing great value to others, but whatever it is, you must make a pact with God and the Universe that you will give something in return for your intentions being manifested.

I Am

The concept of “I Am,” rounds out the power of the previous two spiritual spheres by declaring your core belief and confidence in yourself. I am unlimited possibility, I am unlimited potential, I am a loving parent, a successful entrepreneur etc. These are powerful affirmations that you offer through your positive energy and vibrations to the Universe.

Remember the quantum field? Well this is an example of it in action. Your positive energy vibrates out into the Universe and attracts like energy. Now, you don’t sit down one morning, meditate for a week and expect that everything which you intend to manifest actually does. No, it doesn’t work that way; you have to earn it. God needs to see that you really want what you say you do, he needs to see that you’re willing to pay the price and be of service to the world, before your intentions truly manifest.


Earlier we talked about the difference between attention and intention. Your attention is in the present and your intention is on the future. Attention allows for present-moment awareness; when your daily actions and goals are performed in the present moment, they attract positive energy and are most effective. The energy that you create based on your awareness and attention on the present, allows for your intentions to manifest in the future.

The trick, is to accept and be grateful for the present, while you intend for the future. Remember, God and the Universe will not provide you with more of what you already have, if you are not grateful for it. If you are not grateful in the present, you will not receive in the future. Single minded intention means having focused attention on the intended outcome that you wish to manifest.

You accomplish this state-of-mind with such unwavering purpose, that no challenge or obstacle can detract you from your desired outcome. An unwavering purpose, eliminates all obstacles from your consciousness. You will be able to maintain an intense focus on your intentions, while at the same time enjoying a sense of peace and harmony. When you establish your intention in this state of being, you are able to relinquish your attachment to the outcome. This is the faith based energy level that your consciousness vibrates out into the universe, allowing you to manifest the abundance you intend.

Passion & Purpose

Your passion and purpose creates the freedom you require to achieve the prosperity you intend. Purpose gives your life meaning and direction; it functions like a road map on your journey to freedom and prosperity. But purpose without passion, is an empty wish list. Your purpose will guide you toward your intentions but it’s your passion that produces the creative energy. A passionate vision, coupled with purposeful thought, will create the inspiration you require to manifest your intentions.