The Second Brain, Key to Manifestation

We’ ve all done it. At the start of a new year we make resolutions. We are sure we definitely want to change, but when the time comes for us to put our resolutions into practice, we fail dramatically. Or, a friend tells you that he is determined to change an aspect in his life, he states it, but you observe him and know that he won’t do it. How do you know?

Because you sensed that he was speaking intellectually not from his heart. The intellect is great at postulating, passing judgement or idle chatter, however it is only when the heart is involved that we are able to change things in our life.

Eastern traditions and some of the more esoteric Western traditions, recognise that the true heart is in the region of the solar plexus and abdomen. Orientals have a special name for this centre in the region around the kidneys, abdomen and a few inches below the navel. The centre just below the navel is called the Hara centre or Dan Tien. From the Eastern viewpoint, most of us in the West have our centre of gravity in our head, our intellect rather than the heart.

If you look at someone even from the physical point of view you can often see where their centre of balance is, sometimes you notice that their centre of balance is in their shoulders or their head. This is not the best place. Having our centre of balance anywhere apart from the solar plexus and dan tien is not advisable. It does nothing for our stability on the physical or emotional level.

Every neurotransmitter found in the brain can be found in the intestinal tract. The solar plexus is a network of nerve fibres of the sympathetic nervous system. It is composed of grey and white nerve substance or brain matter. Serotonin the neurotransmitter that has been found to be lacking in many people who suffer from depression, is largely found in the intestinal tract. (90%)

The Chinese, and their health exercises of Tai Chi and Chi Gung, pay a lot of attention to this centre. It is the centre of equilibrium, health and intuition. More significantly, when we want to change aspects in our life, bad habits, negative emotions or when we want to develop new skills, say ice skating or tennis, it is vital to create communication with this centre.

Paula, a friend of mine told me that the first time she was involved in a car crash, her heart rate accelerated frighteningly, her energy was unsettled and she was in a state of shock. This experience prompted her to attend classes in chi gung. She learnt how to maintain her centre of balance below. Incredibly, she was again involved in another near miss in her car, a year later, however this time, all her work on her lower centres paid off. She was able to keep calm and lucid. Her heart didn’t beat unnaturally, her breathing was calm and she was aware of everything going on around her.

Our metabolism, digestion, growth, and healing all takes place in the network of plexus’s below the waist.It all takes place subconsciously. This ‘second brain’ is the place change is created.

All change needs to take place on the subconscious level before it manifests on the physical. Learning anything new from riding a bicycle to playing tennis depends on our subconscious reflexes. How effective we are in communicating our new skill to our cellular structure.

And the best way to reach all the cells in our body, is through our solar plexus. Once we learn a skill, it becomes a habit that we can carry out without consciously thinking about it. Remember how you had to concentrate when you first learned how to drive a car?

A step in the right direction is to become more and more aware of where our centre of balance is located. Then the next step is to carry out all our movements and activities from our centre below. A class in chi gung or tai chi or gym work on our core centre, will all benefit our ability to manifest change in our lives.